Ivanka Trump Actually Wore a Choker In the White House

Ever since the summer of 2016 when Taylor Swift posed the question “are chokers the new flower crowns?” we had a feeling chokers were dead.

But now we have such rock solid evidence you might just feel compelled to go home, light a fire, and burn any chokers you haven’t had the heart to get rid of yet.

Ivanka Trump is wearing them.

In the White House.

And she can’t stop smiling about it.

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On Tuesday, Ivanka posted a picture where she can clearly be seen standing behind her father, looking incredibly proud to have finally worked up the courage to rock the edgy youth fashion Tiffany told her about.

Ever the classy biyotch, Ivanka opted for a thin black velvet choker, which she paired with a sensible black and red power suit.

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So yeah, chokers may not make you want to hurl just yet, but now that Republican moms are wearing them to look cute at the office, they’ve officially lost any last semblance of cool.


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