Iryna Ivanova Is Bringing Boobs Back to Instagram

While you probably don’t know Iryna Ivanova by name, if you’ve been paying attention to pop culture for the past month, you’ve seen her in DJ Khaled’s video for “I’m the One.”

And you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Wow.”

Before the song even starts playing, Iryna rides in on a white horse wearing a golden bikini and a pair of cutoff jorts, as DJ Khaled calls up Chance the Rapper and tells him to come over to his house to celebrate life, success and their blessings.

A.k.a. having women like Iryna around.

Iryna, who’s from Ukraine, has also lived in the Playboy Mansion and is currently on a crusade to bring back great boobs to Instagram.

“There’s so much good ass on Instagram, but there’s not enough really good boobs,” Iryna explained, referencing her Instagram bio which reads, “front, side & underboob connoisseur.”

We talked to Iryna about posing for Playboy, what DJ Khaled smells like, and why hot guys may look confident, but they’re really insecure as hell.

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So how did you get involved with “I’m the One”?

Oh, very random and very weird. They contacted me on Instagram and I flew there the next day. That’s it.

Omg, did they give you any information about the music video?

They only asked me if I have ever been on a horse.  

Wow. This is such a random question, but did DJ Khaled smell good?

Did he smell good? I think I was so nervous during the shoot that I couldn’t smell anything. I was just trying to ride that horse so I could get up the hill. That was my goal, for the horse to just go.

Did you have any difficulties riding the horse?

Well, I’ve never rode a horse on my own so that was a first time for me. Luckily they had someone who taught there within like 15 minutes. The horse was nice but a little stubborn so it didn’t want to jump up on down for the boobs to go up and down so we had to force her a little bit.

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Growing up, did you always know Playboy was something you were interested in? 

No not at all. I didn’t know much about Playboy until I moved to the US because I grew up in super poverty. It was the last thing on my mind. When I arrived to the US, I mean I really I didn’t do anything until college and then my friend recommended me to give it a try and I kind of scratched it out until a couple months later. Then I thought, “hmm, why not”? I didn’t want to regret it when I’m older.

So what is it like to be a playmate? What do you have to do to get that job title?

I think a lot of people have misconceptions with what comes with being in Playboy or a music video that you have to “do something” other than normal. For me, I’ve never experienced that. I asked my friend who was starting to do photography to take pics of me and I sent them in via email and they asked me to do a shoot for Playboy. I stayed there for quite some time and people have this idea that there’s constantly craziness going on, naked girls, and lots of sex. But it’s the complete opposite.

How much would you say crazy things happens or is it just during those grotto parties?

You know I stayed there for two weeks and then another two weeks, so it was for month… And nothing. During those four weeks nothing happened at all, there was no parties or anything. I think when something happens it’s only during those events on the weekend and other than that it’s extremely super quiet.

With the rise of Instagram models, what effect do you think that has on the industry of being a sexy woman?

You know, I caught up with Instagram about a year or two ago and for me 99% of all the opportunities I have had in the last two years were from Instagram.

Do you like Instagram?

For me it’s not just what I like, it’s also job and opportunity. I don’t just look at it as “this is fun” but this is my job, this is how I make money, this is how I meet other people.

How often do you get jobs from your Instagram?

As far as promotions, about two or three a week. But with social media there’s so much negativity going on with spending to0 much time on social media — which we are — but for me, without the social media this is not where I would be right now.

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve gotten recently?

It’s so many. Well on Instagram, it would be them constantly sending me nudes or asking for my number. But going out I’m actually quite a shy person and I think guys are very intimidated by me because I’m just standing there with this face like “don’t talk to me.”

I was going to ask, when you do go out, are guys too intimidated to approach you?

Some are. The ones who are super nerdy are not at all. But the super-hot guys, I think are.

That’s so interesting. You’d think they would be the ones who would be less intimidated.

Yeah, you think they’re more secure but it’s quite the opposite. A lot of the time it’s the people who are more good looking that are way more intimidated, and the people you think that would be way more intimidated are the ones who have more balls to come and talk to you or even ask you something.

Why do you think that is?

I feel like some of the very good looking people or people who put a lot of time into how they look are very insecure. I personally still have insecurities.I feel like people who are less concerned about what they look like have nothing to lose and many times when I have met these people they are much happier people than you would expect.

What’s the number one thing that you wish people would understand about female sexuality?

Well even when I posted my video with DJ Khaled people thought, “Oh, she must have had sex with all of them”. Yes, anything can happen but in my opinion it doesn’t work like that. That’s so 1995. And I say, if you have something to show, show it.

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