Inside Galore’s Electric Youth sleepover party in LA

What better way is there to celebrate youth than a slumber party?

We threw a sleepover-themed dinner in honor of our Electric Youth issue, which was shot exclusively with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The party was hosted by Electric Youth cover star Serayah and also attended by photographer Evan Tan and Odessa, Sirena, Telana and Finn, who were also featured on Electric Youth covers.

At the party, each room had a different theme. FLiRT Cosmetics put together a chic glam room with an oversized pink teddy bear, and a mural illustrated by renowned artist Donald Robertson.

Glam Glow had a space-age bathroom, where guests could take futuristic mirror selfies in a spaceship-inspired design. And Missguided provided the wardrobe that put the Electric in Electric Youth. Guests were free to try on clothes and take them home.

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Check out party pics below!

Jaden Smith and Odessa Adlon

Symphani Soto

Jasmine Hollins

Cache Melvin, Delaney Glazer, Julia Kelly


Melissa Pierce and Arzaylea 

Kylie Rae and Sami Ryan

Serayah and her Galore cover

Aerin Creer and Jasmine Hollins

Sirena Warren and her Galore cover

Hailee Lautenbach

Kellie Sweet and Shalom Blac

Sophia Ventrone

Devon Ross, Odessa Adlon, Sirena Warren

KJ Skorge

Ava Michelle Cota

West Adler

Kuoth Wiel

Maddi Bragg

Shaynna Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

Ellen von Unwerth

Mae McKagan

Sirena Warren, Odessa Adlon, Devon Ross

Charleyn Borquez, Maddi Bragg


Symphani Soto



Chevelle and Finn Barrett

Photos by Prince + Jacob




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