In Movies This Week: Teens Are Literally Haunted By Their High School

Looking to hit the theater for a horror flick or a fascinating documentary? Planning on staying in but need help figuring out what isn’t a waste of Netflix? Here are Galore’s picks for what to see this week in theaters and on Netflix.


The Gallows – July 10th

School spirit is taken quite literally in the latest found footage horror film The Gallows.

In 1993, a student named Charlie is accidentally killed during his high school’s production of a school play of the same name. Fast forward 20 years and (for some reason) the high school decides it’s time to put on the play again. A group of students are unhappy about this (obviously) as it is a requirement for them to participate, so they decide to break into the school and destroy the set. As they do, they begin to uncover more about the school’s history until they realize they have been inexplicably locked inside and shit starts to go down. With a lot of plot holes and mixed reviews, I don’t expect this to be extraordinary or to add anything to the horror genre, particularly since it is found footage, a visual style that has been beaten to death, but it could still be a fun scare. Go to this movie if you’re a fan of flicks like Paranormal Activity or V/H/S or if you’re simply looking to get out and see some horror.

Do I Sound Gay? – July 10th

Directed by David Thorpe, this daring documentary aims to divulge the stereotype of what many call the “gay voice.” After a break-up with his boyfriend, Thorpe finds himself feeling low and begins to worry about “sounding gay.” The doc features interviews and appearances by Thorpe himself as well as Tim Gunn, George Takai, Margaret Cho and David Sedaris among others. The documentary’s topic has never been openly explored before, so it could prove to be an interesting watch given both the subject matter and the chance to look into the life of an out gay individual struggling with identity. It lands in theaters July 10th with a limited release.


Serena – July 9th

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper star as newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton who, in 1929, move from Boston to North Carolina to forge a profitable timber business with Serena acting as George’s equal. Things take a turn when Serena learns she is infertile and that George has an illegitimate son, putting their marriage to the test as their business starts to unravel as well. The film received a fairly negative reception, but if you’re a fan of JLaw being a bad-ass and/or period pieces with the perfect production design, this could be the perfect night in with Netflix, ratings aside.

Creep – July 14th

Yet another found footage style documentary this week! Aaron (Patrick Brice) answers a Craigslist ad for a one-day gig as a videographer that pays $1000. In need of the cash, he shows up to a cabin in the middle of the woods where he meets Josef, a man who claims to have terminal cancer and wants to make a video for his unborn son. Things obviously go from normal to not as Josef does not appear to be who he says he is. From the producer of Paranormal Activity, if you’re into seeing The Gallows as reviewed above or just looking for a more frugal option of viewing found footage horror, give Creep a shot when it hits Netflix on July 14th.

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