Iggy Azalea Shoulda Let Her Cheating Fiancé Get A Misspelled Tattoo

Yesterday Iggy Azalea saved her fiancé Nick Young from getting a misspelled tattoo across his back.

She really shouldn’t have.

According to Iggy, Nick was halfway through getting the words “BORN REBLE” tatted across his back when she noticed that in addition to allegedly being a cheater, her fiancé also couldn’t spell.

Honestly, it would have served him right to spend the rest of his life, or at least a couple days, walking around like a dumbass, but at least Iggy found a way to not be petty about it while still being totally petty. 

After all, this could have been a private affair and Iggy chose to make Nick’s misstep into something all her fans could laugh about.

Like she said, he’s lucky she stuck with him, right? 

You better watch out, Nick. You played with Iggy’s heart and now she’s gonna play with your reputation.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, bro.

Payback’s a bitch.


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