How bedgy you are based on your astrological sign

In case you’re not aware, in May of this year, we coined the term bedgy to describe a new type of girl we’d noticed popping up everywhere.

To put it simply, bedgy girls are basic girls who are tryna look edgy because they’re tired of looking basic.

You can spot her sitting at a fancy coffee shop like La Colombe wearing baggy pants and an oversized, vintage-looking band t-shirt. Watch her closely and you’ll see her spend five minutes getting the perfect picture of her latte with the Canon Rebel she bought with her tax return last year. But since she still doesn’t know how to use it, she’ll also take a picture on her phone. You know, just for the gram.

She may look like she’s edgy, but she’d still absolutely love to go to Coachella next year.

And yeah, it’s kind of false advertising, but whatever. We all try and act cooler than we actually are.

But let’s get down to business. You wanna know how bedgy you are, right?

Well, seeing as you’re obviously the type of person who thinks horoscopes mean something, you’ve essentially self-identified as basic so let’s just say you’re already on the path to bedgy-ville.

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Aquarius — lol

You’re too much of a free spirit to ever let yourself get too tied down with any one fashion trend. Well, besides hipsterdom. Let’s be real, you fucked with that hard. And by fucked with that hard, I mean you fucked a lot of guys with clear glasses and skinny jeans.

Besides, bedgy is way too mainstream for your rarefied tastes. Like you always say, you don’t do trends, trends are doo doo.

Pisces — actually, you prefer the word genius

You are not bedgy, because being bedgy is something plebes do. And you’re not a plebe. You’re a visionary.

The rest of the world just doesn’t know it yet.

And yes, that does hurt and yes, sometimes you do feel like a plastic bag, but no matter how low or high you’re feeling at the moment, you’re not bedgy.

Aries — you’re kind of bedgy

Bb, you’re a firework! You like to be bold af, which usually translates to you saying yes to whatever the trend of the moment is and committing to it hard. It’s not a sin to be trendy, but that does mean you’re kind of bedgy right now. But only kind of. Because for every time you wear fishnets and Vans, you balance it out with an oversized, off-the-shoulder gingham top.

Taurus — you’re too practical to ever be bedgy

Your haters like to call you boring, but it’s not your fault that you’re too smart to drop hundreds of dollars on clothing you won’t wanna wear in a year.

The only trends you really fuck with are timeless ones, like monochrome. And you know what? You always look great.

Maybe your friend convinced you to buy a Thrasher t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, but you never felt like it was really your style so you sold it on Depop.

Gemini — yeah, you def have bedgy tendencies

Look Gemini, I don’t need to tell you this. When you were reading my description of what it means to be bedgy, you were definitely finding some things you could relate to. But only sometimes because your personal style is a little all over the place.

Your closet is full of everything, so yeah, sometimes you dress like you’re a little but bedgy, but sometimes you dress like you’re starting a new job at a kindergarten school.

It’s fine. Don’t try and overthink it. Your heads will spin.

Cancer — what did you just call me, bitch?

Hey hey hey now Cancer, no need to start a fight. I haven’t even said anything about you yet.

But I’m honestly kind of scared of how mean you’re gonna be to me soooooo let’s just say you look really pretty today. And by today I mean every day. Oh look, that’s somebody calling me, I gotta go.

Leo — you’re definitely not bedgy

You’re too proud to ever be caught dead in anything that’s hyper trendy. Since you want to be the star of any social situation, you don’t wanna risk dressing like everybody else and blending in with the crowd.

Plus the last thing you’d want is for someone to wound your pride by calling you a poser.

Still, sometimes you’re a little jealous of all the bedgy girls out there. Maybe they don’t look authentic, but they do look cool. Gosh, why do you always have to be jealous over what you can’t have?

Virgo — you’re too much of a know-it-all to ever be bedgy

One of the hallmarks of being bedgy is that you don’t know why what you’re wearing is kinda edgy, you just know that it is and that’s the way you want the world to look at you.

You on the other hand like to pretend that you know everything, even if you just skimmed a Wikipedia page on it five seconds ago.

If you’re gonna show up to the party wearing a slashed up Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt, you’ll come armed with at least three songs you could rattle off in case some bro who jerks off while reading Pitchfork every morning tries to give you a hard time. You’re edgy.

Libra — girl, you are straight up bed-gyyyyyyyyy

Haters might call you a fake-a-saurus rex, but we know the truth is a lot more complicated than that.

Sure you didn’t know that Kylie Jenner wasn’t the first person in history to wear baggy camo pants and a crop top, but it’s not like you’re pretending to be an expert on the subject!

Like you told that very rude person on Twitter, you just wear what you wear because you think it looks cool. You’re not a nerd and they’re just jealous because you’re hot.

What? Just because you’re bedgy doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a fire clap back.

Scorpio — you’d never admit it, but yeah you kind of are

Look Scorpio, you’re hard to read, but here’s the way I see it.

You think you’re all that and a bag of gluten free chips, and you want everybody to know it. A few years ago you did that by wearing bodycon dresses to the club and sky high heels, but now you’re wearing dog collars and fishnets with platform boots.

And I’ve definitely seen you posting about your Instagram drink on Starbucks with a couple hashtags.

Still, you’re more concerned with looking hot than looking edgy, so let’s just say you have bedgy tendencies and leave it at that.

Sagittarius —you’re totes a bedge

Sag, you’re the type of girl who’s got an open enough mind to hear that they’re bedgy and not take offense to it.

Legit, you’re just trying to have a good time with your life. You like new things and right now your new thing is being bedgy.

You’re chill.

In fact, you’re so chill you like, might accidentally trip up the stairs on the biggest night of your life.

Talk about relatable, right?

Capricorn — you’re too boujee to be bedgy

Ur a broke girl with expensive taste so there’s no way you’re gonna spend $300 on a vintage t shirt that looks like it cost $5 at the Salvation Army.

That’s 10/10 not your brand.

You have way better things to spend your money on, thanks.

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