Hot Dudes Halloween Round Up

Francisco Lachowski (aka Chico); @chico_lachowski

Who is he: 23-year-old model from Brazil

What he was: the Brazilian appeared with a number of other models in a Beetle Juice inspired Justin Wu fashion film for Halloween. Additionally, Francisco posted this photo of him trick or treating as an overgrown baby complete with a bunch of completely adorable kids. Cutest rating is off the charts. Swoon.

Sunny Burns; @sunnyburns

Who is he: Australian model and actor

What he was: Sunny kept it classy on Friday with a simple black tux paired with on point skeleton makeup. The look was totally creepy but tasteful and decidedly rad. Job well done.


Marlon Teixeira; @marlontx

Who is he: Brazilian supermodel

What he was: the 23-year-old was all good vibes on Friday, opting for a groovy hippie outfit. Marlon’s throwback joufit was completed with weed pins and retro patches, and a long, Ozzy Osbourne style, wig. This chill costume is an obvious Halloween classic, but Marlon looks cute and comfy so we’re fine with it.

River Viiperi; @riverviiperi

Who is he: Model from Spain

What he was: Jim Carrey in the 1994 action/comedy, The Mask. The Spanish model showed his commitment to the holiday in his scary accurate of portrayal of the comic book character. The green face paint/prop money/neon yellow suit all get an A+ for effort and creativity. Job well done.

Tobias Sorenson; @thesorensen

Who is he: International supermodel from Denmark

What he was: some sort of chainsaw serial killer with a beard. While we can’t exactly give the Danish model creativity kudos for this Saw Thirteen (or something) inspired ensemble, he does get serious points for execution. The blood spattering and v realistic looking prop saw were excellent choices. As well as the deep v that showcases his pecks and supermodel gf Jasmine Tookes dressed as a sexy cat.

Sebastian Sauve; @sebastiansauve

Who is he: American/German/British fashion model

What he was: a guy in a really scary mask. Although Sebastian gets a very low effort rating, that mask is really freaking scary and Sebastian is really freaking hot so we’re gonna throw him on this list. Seriously though where do you even find something like that/what even am I looking at rn.

Ronald Epps; @ronald_epps

Who is he: American fashion model

What he was: Sub Zero (he’s a video game character, I had to look it up too). I had no idea who he was dressed as, but there’s no denying that Ronald looks fantastic. Also if you google who the f*** Sub Zero is, the costume is v well done as well.

Miles McMillan; @milesmcmillan

Who is he: Cali model who’s dating Zachary Quinto (sorry ladies)

What he was: Shia LaBeouf’s mental breakdown when he put that paper bag over his head. This is possibly my favorite costume on this list. Actually, it definitely is. Although simple, it’s fantastically hilarious and creative, and I’d like to be Miles’ new best friend.

Luis Borges; luis_borges_model

Who is he: Portuguese model

What he was: a gigantic middle finger. The international model posted this photo on Friday of a front and back shots of his body suit ensemble. Luis’ getup is boyishly hysterical and awesome. We approve.


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