Horror movies are high-key the best lingerie inspo

If you’re not into horror movies, then it may come as a surprise that they can be an excellent source of lingerie inspo. Labels like Creepyyeha, Hopeless Lingerie, and DAISY, created entire brands based on looks worn by babes in cult horror movies.

Think about it: When most people hear the phrase “horror movie,” they picture a knife-wielding killer chasing a woman in a tattered negligée. Lingerie has historically served as a character cue in horror, to distinguish the innocent Final Girl from her thotty, ill-fated counterparts. But in many cult classic and more modern horror movies, lingerie has been framed in a more positive light, to portray women’s sexual agency.

Whether you’re already a lingerie enthusiast, or still figuring out your style signature, here are some movie recommendations from a lifelong horror junkie, featuring lingerie inspo to die for.

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Dracula (1992)

If you’re a fan of horror, or just goth music, you’ve probably dreamt of looking like a vampire thot queen at one point or another. So, turn to this ‘90s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s famous novel. If seeing Dracula’s brides feeding on a hot, young Keanu Reeves and strutting in chiffon negligées doesn’t make you want to raid Journelle for a lace chemise, you might be undead already, bb.

From Beyond (1986)

Whether you wear fetish lingerie for your beau, for work, or for selfies that never leave your camera roll, you’ll love the dominatrix-inspired ‘fits in From Beyond, in which a scientist taps into a parallel universe. Dr. Katherine’s O-ring choker and lace-up bustier could turn even the shyest violet into a total domme. And thanks to designers like Yeha Leung, you don’t have to live in another dimension to get the lewk.

The Love Witch (2016)

If you only watch one movie on this list, let it be The Love Witch. I mean, just look at that garter set! There are at least five different lingerie ensembles to get you inspired, including a hot pink bra set and ostrich feather-trim robe that’ll satisfy your nostalgia for both vintage and early 2000s fashion.

The movie itself is about a witch who casts spells to find love, but the men under her charms become pathetic and clingy, and then die when she basically ghosts them. Love spells may not work IRL, but with lingerie like this your Tinder dates would prob drop dead too.

Psycho (1960)

Everyone remembers Psycho for its iconic shower scene, but there are also some amazing lingerie moments. Take the opening scene, where Marion Crane is making out with her BF in a classic cone bra and slip skirt combo. That ‘fit might not seem very risqué to you, but it’s proof that you don’t need a red lacy thong to be a fox.

Videodrome (1983)

Videodrome is one of the freakiest horror flicks you’ll ever see. But the lingerie is surprisingly low-key. A black lace bralette is basically a wardrobe staple, and with high-rise matching briefs this is the perfect Netflix-and-chill ensemble for when you just can’t be bothered with pants.

American Psycho (2000)

Can we talk about how underrated the fashion is in American Psycho? Especially the lingerie. Who would’ve thought that the high-cut thong would be on-trend seventeen years later? If gore makes you squeamish, skip the movie and shop for your own white negligée on Yandy instead.

There are plenty more horror movies with lingerie inspo to be had, but these are some of the best. So, if your lingerie wardrobe seems a little stale, turn out the lights and tune in for a few scares and a whole lot of inspo.

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