HOLYWATER’s “Hush” is perf for a hazy summer pool party

If you need a soundtrack for getting stoned on a giant blowup swan this summer, HOLYWATER has you covered.

The new mystery act just released “Hush” today along with Cruel Youth, and it makes us wanna strip down to a bikini, toss our MacBooks out the window, drive out to Malibu and float in a pool for the rest of the day.

Read up on the new mystery act below, then listen to HOLYWATER’s track “Hush” and check out some photos of the mystery babe.

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Is this your voice we’re hearing on the track? What/who is HOLYWATER?!

I’m a DJ and producer out of Los Angeles. The voice featured on my track is not my own (I wish!) but it actually belongs to the insanely talented and gorgeous Teddy Sinclair of the band Cruel Youth.

We love your name, HOLYWATER. Is it Catholic-inspired? Major Madonna vibes!

I have experienced a lot of heartbreak and disappointment in my life, like most people have, but those moments helped to shape and guide me in figuring out what I truly desire out of my time here. I’ve gotten to a place where I feel really strong and at ease  and in a way, cleansed of everything that used to cause pain. But Holywater carries the energy of all of those experiences combined.

If you could spin “Hush” at any iconic party or venue in history, which one would it be?

This is such an obvious answer but I would love to be able to travel back to a party at Studio 54 in the 70s… although I don’t know how much they would appreciate my music! Haha.

How would you describe HOLYWATER’s vibe in three words?

dreamy, passion, heartbreak

What do you want people to get from “Hush”?

It’s a future-bass track with energy but Teddy’s vocals are so beautiful on it while telling a story that I think a lot of people can relate to about lovers who didn’t last but still long for one another.. so I think some people might like the song for the catchy drop and others might connect to the song and story on a deeper level. Both are fine with me!

Who’s your most unexpected musical influence?

I have so many but I love the Ronettes!

If “Hush” was a fragrance, what would it be?

Roses and cherries mixed with tears  from all your past lovers. Haha

What’s next for HOLYWATER?

Will continue working on new music, playing shows and releasing some rad clothing soon too!

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