How Many Women Still Go Fully Bare Down There

While sporting a bush was once normal and dare we say trendy, the pubic hair “look” of the 2000s was all about being smooth as a baby’s bottom.

In 2016, we’ve taken some interesting strides with how we see women’s body hair. More and more women are opting to let their armpits or other body hair go natural, and trendsetters like Miley Cyrus have even taken to dying their armpit hair fun colors.

But when it comes to our pubic hair, it seems that most of us are still all aboard the S.S. Baldie, as a recent study shows 62% of women worldwide opt to remove all of their pubic hair whereas 84% of women reported some form of grooming.

The study was taken by surveying 3,316 nationally representative women about their grooming habits and their reasoning for getting rid of their pubic hair.

It’s not news that women are going for the pre-pubescent look when it comes to their pubes, but a new finding in the study was that instead of admitting that they shaved/waxed/plucked for sexual purposes, many women claimed that they removed hair for hygienic purposes.

Ladies, I don’t know what your high school boyfriend or your favorite porn star told you, but the reason that hair covers our pubic areas is so that it can keep stuff out of our lady parts and protect the skin in the genital area. In fact, it’s even been shown that the bare look’s popularity may have caused a rise in chlamydia among women.

If you want to wax it all off like the majority of women do because it makes you feel sexier, go for it. But don’t tell yourself that it’s for “health purposes” when you’re secretly doing it in hopes of getting laid that night.

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