Brazilian Bikini Waxes Might Increase Chances of This STD

Removing all your pubes can seem like a no-brainer if you’re into it. But it turns out the popularity of going bare down there might be contributing to an uptick in chlamydia.

Since the full-on Brazilian wax became popular, some research has shown that chlamydia is on the rise, women’s health expert Jennifer Wider told Glamour. It’s not clear if our widespread lack of pubes is directly contributing to the increase in chlamydia — and other STDs, according to the CDC — but there’s definitely a correlation.

A decrease in sex ed in schools could also be a contributing factor. But the pube thing makes sense, too. Pubic hair isn’t just there for decoration. It’s also believed to trap bacteria and keep it outside the vagina, which is why some experts think that a bare vulva could lead to higher infection rates.

The important thing to remember is that STDs are curable — especially chlamydia — and in the vast, vast, vast majority of cases, contracting something isn’t the end of the world. The stigma that comes along with an STD is often way worse than the symptoms of the infection. So if you’re a dedicated Brazilian customer, wax away and don’t let the haters stop you.

Plus, there is one silver lining to the uptick in Brazilian waxes and other methods of hair removal: pubic lice, a.k.a. crabs, are basically not a thing anymore. We’ll drink to that.

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