Here’s a Magical, Semi-Doctor-Approved Hangover Cure

We all love to drink now and then, but some of us are definitely destined to be hungover more than others. I am one of them. I have had a lot of late nights to which the mornings after didn’t come so easily. Being half English and half German, I convince myself I can drink more than I actually can.

It goes without saying that feeling hungover leaves you feeling shitty. Hangovers can come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from nausea to migraines. It’s not a good time.

Therefore, over the years as my age has gone up, the number of drinks I can consume has gone down. But never fear, I have found a magic hangover cure that even my doctor vouches for.

1. Take four Advil.

I did ask my doctor about taking four instead of the recommended two, and he advised me it was fine. Some people have a higher tolerance, so two Advil might do fuck-all for you. Plus Advil is the one — you should never take Tylenol when hungover as it’s bad for your already-overworked liver.

2. Squeeze three lemons into black coffee.

It sounds gross and I have no idea why this works but it does. I think it might be a mixture of the refreshing, detoxing lemon juice with an energy hit from the coffee.

3.  A Beer

I fully stand by this trick even though it’s the one part that no doctor would be down with. Hangovers occur because you are having alcohol withdrawal from the night before. Therefore by drinking more alcohol you will lessen the withdrawal. Just don’t drink so much you get drunk again, because that’s called alcoholism. Why beer? Because it’s the easiest to get down when the thought of more alcohol sickens you. When times are dire, just drink one beer and you’ll make the come-down much easier.

You’re welcome.

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