Here’s a gloriously f*cked up cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

Sometimes you like chillin’ and listening to classic Christmas tunes like “White Christmas” and “Silent Night,” but sometimes you just wanna find something more festive to go with your holiday mood, and singer Cappa has just what we need.

Just when you were getting sick of that Mariah Carey version of “All I Want for Christmas is You” playing on repeat at the mall — here’s another vibey version for you to add to that holiday playlist and not accidentally fall asleep from boredom and burn your manicure off whilst toasting marshmallows. And don’t worry, we don’t think Mariah will be salty about it (we hope).

“I feel like it’s almost a little taboo to cover because of how incredible Mariah Carey is, but it’s my favorite Christmas song and I just wanted to see what I could do with it in my own way,” Cappa says.

And like, totally yay, she gave us a festive candy visual to go with it — so can we really ask for more? Really, it’s kind of like Christmas came early.

Check the video out here and then peep our Q&A to see what other Holiday thingamabobs our girl Cappa likes.

What inspired the video?

The song itself is pretty romantic, but I had just gone through a serious breakup when this was about to be filmed and I wasn’t in the mood for a cute love story because I was miserable at the time! So, when the director of the video asked me what I pictured, I wanted it to be almost an anti-Christmas-y Christmas video. Candy canes being broken, a fake Santa being set on fire, ya know…the usual holiday things! An artist by the name Danin Jacquay and Shelby Parks shot the video, so they kind of took the idea and ran with it. The video shows a girl getting a “perfect boy” for Christmas, but he ends up being sort of a dud. At the end, she gives him away and realizes she didn’t even need a guy all along.

What was your favorite part of shooting the video?

This was the first video that I ever made that I wasn’t able to be on set or in it, so I was REALLY REALLY nervous at first. I’ve always had such a big part in all of my videos. With this video, I had just gotten back from shooting a music video in Joshua Tree for my latest single “Waste My Time.” I flew from LA back to Nashville and that same week, this whole Christmas video idea came about, and I just couldn’t get back to LA in time. Danin and Shelby both have amazing styles, so when I told Danin what I wanted the idea to be about, she just sort of ran with it from there and made it her own. She had the idea of being gifted this mannequin boy for Christmas who basically was useless no matter what she tried.

What are your favorite non-lame contemporary Christmas songs?

I LOVE the Sia Christmas album. She is such a genius. There’s a song called “puppies are forever” on there that is my favorite. She has such a way of bringing up real life issues and problems in her music but still making it fun to listen to. I like the Ariana Grande Christmas record a lot also. Also, NSync Christmas FOR LIFE.

What is your favorite thing to do for Christmas/the Holidays?

I’m a pretty big Christmas fan. I’ve never been more annoyingly into Christmas. I like going to see lights, baking, making gingerbread houses — I’ve been trying to volunteer more this year also. I think it’s a great time for that and there are SO many people in need, and it honestly gets me more into the holiday spirit than anything else. I’ve also watched like 10 lifetime Christmas movies already.

If you had to choose between Decorating Christmas Cookies or decorating a Christmas tree, which would you pick?


If you had to dress up like an Elf or like Santa — which would you pick?

I’d rather be an elf —the outfits cuter and I’m not trying to compete with Santa Clause!

Which Candy is better: Candy canes or candy corn?

CANDY CANES, all the way. I still don’t understand what candy corn is but I know that I do not like it.

What is your favorite song to listen to on New Years Eve?

Kiss me at midnight — NSync. Sue me, it’s great.

What’s next for you in 2018?

Im working on lots of new music! I just had a new single come out, which was my first single in a year, and then this Christmas cover came out shortly after. My goal is to release a new single in February, and then lots of new music/videos from there all year long!

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