Here’s How To Get Foundation Off Your Clothes

One of the worst things that can happen on this planet is getting makeup on your clothes. Okay okay maybe not the absolute worst, but it’s definitely up there. Can’t wear that white tee because you accidentally got fresh foundation on it when putting it on? Been there. Got a huge black mark on your sleeve because you forgot you loaded your eye up with eyeliner and it got itchy? It happens.

I still refuse to get rid of a favorite romper of mine that I somehow got mascara on in the hopes that dry cleaning it 5 more times will somehow work. As it turns out, there is hope, especially when Tide To-Go can’t do the trick (when does it ever?).

Instead of going for the somewhat obvious but dooming makeup remover – the oil in it can actually worsen the stain – Pop Sugar says to opt for shaving cream!

You can try adding a little alcohol to alleviate the stain if the shaving cream alone doesn’t work. Then throw it immediately in the wash. Dish detergent can help give your Tide To Go Pen a little extra kick as well. Timing is key! You don’t want to let the stain set in or else woe to you.

I love it when a miraculous light appears at the end of dark tunnels, don’t you?

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