Here’s the easiest way to collaborate on a pregame playlist with your girls

We all have our own special little pregame playlist preferences.

For instance, you might be a person with great taste who shares my current obsession with “Mi Gente.” And one of your friends might unfortunately be into lighter fare such as Taylor Swift’s latest.

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Well, now you don’t have to duke it out over the aux cord. Instead, you can create a Spotify playlist within the confines of a Facebook Messenger chat.

I demoed the feature with one of my friends, and it’s shockingly easy. All you have to do is start a new message and click the little blue plus-sign to the left of the message box. From there, pick the Spotify utility, scroll down, and you’ll see a button that says “create a new playlist.” (Further instructions are here if you’re a lil slow on the uptake.)

See below? It’s so easy. Also don’t miss the scintillating commentary from my bestie:

So just pick a pal, give your playlist a shocking name, and you’re off to the races, adding songs together until the cows come home. And no one will even realize it was you if you “accidentally” delete your pal’s more horrific song choices!

Facebook Messenger is celebrating 1.3 billion users this week, BTdubs, so you’ll have plenty of people to harass with this feature. TGIF y’all!

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