“Heels” by Royal Sugar: The Perfect Soundtrack for a Sultry Rendezvous

“Heels” by Royal Sugar (Tyler Cohenour/frontman and Garrett Carr/bass/vocals) has a catchy beat and seductive lyrics, with pieces of modern pop, that leave listeners wanting more, because it captures the essence of a surreal relationship, one that lingers even as the dreamlike haze begins to fade. 

The lyrics tell the story of a mysterious figure -possibly a femme fatale- whose presence can be felt from miles away. The use of metaphors like “atmospherical queen of space” adds a cosmic touch to the narrative, making it feel like a futuristic love story, which is also evident in the music video of the song.


The song’s tempo picks up as it progresses, injecting a burst of energy into the narrative. The combination of the groovy bassline, rhythmic guitar, and dynamic vocal delivery creates a sense of movement and urgency that is impossible to resist.

Lines like: We’re heading out tonight / You’ve never done me right / But I never do you wrong, are proof that ‘Heels’ encompasses an unbridled and unfiltered desire in which the protagonist does not seek common sense, but rather sensations without measure.

In the music video, when the boy’s car breaks down in the middle of the road, this sensual woman emerges -literally- from another planet, and takes the boys with her to play with them in fun ways.

‘Heels’ is a sexy anthem that evokes emotions of anticipation, desire, and allure, making it a perfect soundtrack for a night on the town or a sultry rendezvous. 

This glam group is easily the most exciting new band to emerge on the Nashville scene, with a mix of ‘70s and ‘80s nostalgia made fresh by their penchant for modern pop.

The band’s page has racked up over 107k followers and nearly 2.4M likes on the platform for their covers, jokes, and original songs. “We were blown away by how many people on there shared the same desires that we did to see this rock resurgence, specifically people who like pop and glam rock”, Cohenour adds.

“Heels” marks a pivotal moment for Royal Sugar—a moment where they’ve harnessed the essence of their musical identity and visual aesthetic to create a world that’s uniquely their own.

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