Hear why The Dialogue has everyone discussing their latest single, “Waste the Day, Spend the Night.”

The Dialogue’s new single is brimming with seductive lyrics, playful advances, and musings about what it would be like to live a genuinely carefree life with your lover. Musically, it’s dripping in gorgeous, unforgettable R&B pop-rock sounds. 

Florida-based duo The Dialogue – comprised of multi-instrumentalists Angela Galestro and Paul Cuevas – have unveiled their newest single, ‘Waste the Day, Spend the Night.’

The song – recorded in Angela’s home recording studio – is the latest release from a duo who recently won much praise for their genre-defying style. The Dialogue’s music ranges from intricately layered, experimental pop to blues, salsa, classic rock, and just about everything in between. Holding everything together is the duo’s impeccable harmonies – Angela’s seductive voice and Paul’s wide vocal range – and their collective adherence to excellence through thoughtful, imagery-rich lyrics.

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‘Waste the Day, Spend the Night’ takes the listener on a journey alongside a couple who seek to throw off the cares of day-to-day living and give in to sexual temptation: “Let’s waste the day and spend the night together/You and me tangled here forever/We don’t need to worry about the weather/Get lost in each other in surrender.” It’s a carefully constructed odyssey – laidback yet with plenty of rewards for the listener who pays attention to the lyrics. 

Speaking about the work that went into the track and how it came about, The Dialogue said: “In crafting “Waste the Day, Spend the Night,” we leaned into the vibes of late 90s and early 2000s RnB. The instruments are all electronic, apart from the electric guitar played by our lead guitarist, Jonathan Smith. The lyrics express an intense craving to get lost in someone else, blocking out the noise and distraction of the rest of the world. There’s a sexually charged energy, a hunger that pulses through the song, waiting to be satisfied. The bridge introduces a fresh rhythmic pattern, subtly infusing elements of pop.”

The song has already been lauded for combining elements of RnB and pop-rock while constantly breaking free of any easy genre classification. The guitar riff – which, as noted, comes from the inimitable Jonathan Smith – is deceptively simple in its delivery, but it probably wouldn’t feel out of place in a Santana song. It works with the electronica aspects of the music to make room for Angela and Paul’s soulful, searching, and sexual harmonizing. Note how the lyrics speed up at the bridge, with Paul delivering the lines “Places to be and sites to see can have their fame but baby, I just want your body” with a real, relentless urgency; even here, the riffs and the drum beats hold down the rhythm of the song flawlessly, so that the listener always stays locked in The Dialogue’s hypnotic RnB-led trance. It’s beautifully done. 

This duo writes meticulously constructed songs – and it’s paying off for them. 

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