Having More Sex Can Make You Remember Sh*t Way Better

If you haven’t figured it out by now, sex is kinda the cure to everything. Your period cramps, your stress, your relationship, whatevs.

And do you know what else it can do?

Sex can help your memory, particularly as you age.

In a study done by the UK’s Coventry University, they found a “significant correlation between sexual activity and performance on certain cognitive tests.” In men, sex helped boost results in number sequencing and memory recall, whereas the ladies just showed improvement in memory recall.

Granted, this study was done on older adults (aged 50+) who might have more trouble remembering certain things to begin with, but let’s be real, you have trouble remembering certain things too, especially after partying all weekend. Don’t lie to yourself and act like you know the name of the last dude you made out with.

This is just one of the other thousand reasons that boning is the cure to having a better, healthier, and longer life. It’s also a good reason to fit in a quickie during your study breaks or before an exam. But never forget that masturbating gives you all of the same benefits, so don’t ever think you need a partner to get all the benefits that sex can give you.

Who needs a remembral (please Harry Potter nerds, get this reference) or a forget-me-not when you can just have an orgasm? Orgasms seem a lot more fun. And even if an orgasm doesn’t help you ace your chem test or remember you and bae’s anniversary for once, it’ll at least help you chill the f out.

As an added bonus, you can always forward this study on to your sugar daddy.

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