Hannah Stocking Was Working Out One Minute & Insta-Famous the Next

Have you ever wondered how famous viners got so big? Well, in Hannah Stocking’s case, it was completely by accident. The Vine star and total babe randomly got approached by famous viners while she was at the gym, and the rest is history.

We talked to Hannah about why girls are discriminated against in the vine industry, what’s going on with the death of vine, and what she’d be doing if she wasn’t a social media star.

How did you get into this world of making funny videos?

It all kind of fell into my lap. I went to school in the Bay Area, one day during spring break I was at the gym & King Bach, Liane V, and Destorm approached me and we got to talking. They thought I was funny which then led them to ask me to go out and Vine with them.

Because I’m from Oregon, and my family had recently moved to LA because my mom is a film editor, I had no friends. So I was like, ‘okay, thank God people want to hang out with me, I’ve been so lonely hanging out with my parents and my pets.’

The next day I went out to Vine with them, I was in one of Bach’s vines which got me over 10,000 followers in one day. After that, my friend Destorm gave me a pep talk, he told me “Hey…now that you have a fan base you owe it to your fans to come up with more content…we’re vining tomorrow at 11am sharp, come through with three ideas.”

So I was like ‘oh my gosh, okay, why not, you know? I have nothing else to do.’

Fast forward to the next day I come up with this idea: Girls checking out guys vs. guys checking out girls. That went super viral. That alone upped my following by 100,000 people. It really just blew up out of nowhere.

No fucking way, that’s crazy. What year was this?

This was almost two years ago.

Wow, wild… since we’re on the Vine note, I need to know how you feel about the Death of Vine. RIP.

Is it reallllly dead? Is it going to die?

Didn’t they kill it?

I’ve heard so many rumors that people want to buy it and rebuild it, so we’ll see.

Serious question: Snapchat story or IG story?

Snapchat really drains my phone battery and it’s pretty nice staying on one platform, so I’m gonna have to say Instagram story.

OMG really? You don’t care about snapchat filters and all that fun shit?

No, not really. I never did.

I respect that, I’m all about the ugly filters on snapchat so I can’t escape that. 

Oh, me too! I think I just got bored of it really quickly. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, I’m so ugly…cool.’ Then I got ADD and went on to the next thing

Do you have any dream collabs?

Kevin hart, Jennifer Aniston. She’s one of my idols, I would love to work with her.

I could totally see that happening, lets manifest it. Do viners hang out everyday? Wait sorry, do you like to be classified as a viner? Would you rather me address you an actress? 

We kind of just go for social media influencer/content creator. And yeah, I hang out with them everyday. It’s almost like a friendship and a business relationship, it’s really interesting I’ve never had anything like it before. It’s really easy to get along with everyone because we do the same thing and we all have so many common interests.

Where do you think your life would have gone without this platform?

Before Vine, I was double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I was conducting embryonic stem cell research and differentiating them into neurotransmitters, looking at their different gene expression levels. So I was a huge nerd, and I’m actually still trying to do that in my future.

Was that even english? That’s badass. Thoughts on the recent election?

I think it’s very sad. I know that my whole family is very sad, a lot of close friends are very sad. I know that no one really agreed with both candidates but, I have faith that everything will work out in the end.

Thoughts on being a girl in your industry? Is it more challenging being a girl, or do you find it more boss bitch-ish?

I find it super bossy, but the process of getting to where I am now was very difficult. I actually received a lot of hate. I noticed that it’s a lot easier for guys to become content creators and to be funny, people kind of latch on to them. But when a girl tries to be funny it’s looked down upon like “what is she even doing… that’s not funny.”

I’ve received a lot of backlash. I had a break-through and before I knew it, everybody really started loving my content. I don’t really receive any kind of hate anymore so I think it’s like, you have to endure the struggle and then you reach a break-through. It’s almost like a respect level.

Yas queen! Final and last question: any advice for those that want to break into this content creating industry? 

The most important thing is to always be yourself & not care about what people think or say about you. Don’t worry about what people you don’t even know think about you, only focus on what your loved ones think about you. Always be respectful and nice to others, and kind. And always tell your parents you love them.

Yes go off Hannah! Anything else you want to add?

Girl power!

All photos by Amber Asaly 

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