17 Stupidly Funny Vines That’ll Make Us Miss It

I’m sure you have all heard the disheartening news that Vine will be shutting down. My high school self would be crying. As a tribute to the website that has made us laugh, cry, and say wtf in confusion here at the best Vines of all time and what it has blessed us with.

1.Vine taught us not to be fucking rude.


2. Nicolas Cage on a wrecking ball.

3. When Kylie thought a pig was a chicken.

4. A weirdly realistic vine of a dog pretending to play the drums.

5. This lawnmower that is feeling itself more than me on a Friday night.

6. Garret Quillin murdering the dance floor.

7. When Nora was asked a super obvious question.

8. Miley teaching us that drugs r 4 Idiots!

9. Looking at a lot of meth.

10. This man literally running a marathon in a shoe store to test out these sneakers.

11. Little kids cursing never gets old.

12. Miracles do happen

13. Drama is for elementary schoolers.

14. This Vine may have been deleted but it’s not forgotten.

15. She just wants some love and affection.

16. Some more moves that kill.


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