Hanging Out With Electro-Pop Duo XYLØ

If you haven’t listened to brother-sister duo, XYLØ, you’re missing out.

Following the release of their debut EP – America – XYLØ is set to play SXSW next week. We caught up with the duo to talk new music, what it’s like as debut artists, and the pros and cons of working with a sibling.

First things first, when did you guys start making music together and how did that come about?

The first time we worked on anything together was about 8 years ago. We wrote a silly song together just to show our parents. There was a pretty big gap from then until 2014, when we collaborated on an advert job for PacSun. We ended up having so much fun doing it together that we started working on a bunch of songs, which has now become XYLØ.

Do most of your songs come from personal experiences? If so, is it ever hard being that honest in front of each other when writing lyrics and songs together? 

Yeah, all of our songs stem from real life experiences. Musically, it starts with a beat or chord progression from Chase and then lyrically we all collaborate with our long time friend and writer Lee Newell. Every song is very personal to us. When it comes to being open about our emotions, we are all very comfortable around each other.

What’s your writing process like together? Does one person come with music first? Lyrics? An idea?

Usually, the music first. But it can be just as little as a beat, voice memo, or lyrical idea.

How did you find your sound and what did it feel like when you realized you found it?

Years of putting in the hours and being inspired by great artists, musicians, producers, and engineers. It’s a great feeling when you realize what you’ve been working on for so long finally has a payoff.

What’s it like working with and touring with your sibling?

Its really fun being able to work together and nice knowing that someone has your back.

Are you excited for the release of your America EP? Do you have a favorite song off the EP? Which track do you like performing live most?

We’ve been waiting for the moment, which has felt like a lifetime, for this to be out there in the world. “LA Love Song” is both of our favorite song to play live. But it’s hard to pick.

How was it seeing the title track from the EP blow up? Did you hear it out at all unexpectedly?

Paige: It was probably one of the most exciting days I’ve ever had. My phone was blowing up with the most positive and sincere messages about the song. I would have never thought in a million years this would have happened to us.

Chase: I had a really good feeling about the song the day we wrote it, so I was proud to put that out there in the world. Almost 6 months had gone by before we had released it, which took some of the personal excitement out of it. But it was great to relive that through others that were getting to experience it for the first time. The positive reaction has been nothing but humbling and inspiring. For sure an unforgettable moment in my life.

Will you be touring in support of the EP any time soon?

Yes. There is no official tour booked as of now, but one offs and festival dates are being booked as we speak.

How does your live show set up look?

Paige on vocals, Chase on drums, we have a guitarist named Lee, and keyboardist named Nick. We are playing VIVA in Arizona next week and then SXSW the following, as well as a number of others this spring and summer.

Do you both have a hand in the creative details related to XYLØ (Music videos, artwork etc)? If so, do you work together on that? Or does one of you take the reins?

We both are very involved. Our aesthetic is just as important to us as the music is.

Are you working on a full length? Or just focusing on releasing new EPs this year?

Some more singles leading up to a full length.

Who would you like to tour with if given the chance?

The Weeknd, Phoenix, and Lorde.

What is your favorite album right now?

Tender EP II on repeat. I also rediscovered my love for Phoenix’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

Listen to XYLØ on Soundcloud.

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