Why you should be investing in UV protection for your hair

Summer is def the season to try out the hairstyles you’ve been dreaming about all winter. Finally having enough courage to go color crazy or try out the latest hair tools is exciting! Nonetheless, overdosing on heat and products chock full of chemicals can be detrimental to the health of your hair. NEWS FLASH: YOUR HAIR AGES JUST LIKE YOUR SKIN WOULD!

Many aren’t hip to the damage UVA and UVB rays can really cause. Hell, I wasn’t! But after some research and input from celebrity stylists, we can offer you some style tips and tricks to protect those tresses. And yes, you’re welcome.

Drying, discoloring, and breaking are just a few harsh results that could come from poor hair care. UV rays from the sun during the hottest months of the year can wreak hella havoc on your locs. Not to mention the salt water beaches and chlorine filled public pools you’ll be thotting around. Ryan Richman, stylist to Massie Williams, Sara Hyland and Kate Mara, suggest you use  L’Oréal Professional’s Solar Sublime products and

“Before you go for a swim try soaking your hair in fresh water and even apply a light mask.  This will help keep salt and chlorine from damaging the hair.  It’s also important that after being in the ocean or a pool to immediately tend to your hair by washing out the salt or chlorine.”

I hope you didn’t think your scalp was off-limits either. It’s just as important as the strands that emerge from it, if not more. Keeping it clean, moisturized and stimulated will maximize hair growth while building strength along the way. Jet Rhys, Stylist and Cricket Co. Ambassador says you can protect your scalp by simply the way you part it.

“Protect your scalp by styling your hair without a visible part. For short hair, comb your hair back and securing it with a super cute headband or scarf; for long hair, pull it into a ponytail or bun (but don’t expose the fragile ends of your hair by piling it on top of your head) or invest in a cute floppy hat.”

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Now, the important part: you need to style with UV Ray protection products. Here are some recos based on hair type by PROFESSIONALS (aka not your favorite YouTube guru):

Kinks, Coils, and Curls:

“On damp hair, add the MOP Lemongrass Whip to the roots for lift and added volume, then apply the curl defining cream to midshaft through the ends. Next, diffuse the hair section by section.” – Castillo (Stylist to Priyanka Chopra, Ruby Rose and Halle Berry)

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Thin/Fine Hair:

“On damp hair apply a generous amount of MOP Lemongrass Volume Whip to add volume throughout the style and to protect against heat. Using a medium boar bristle round brush, blow dry one inch sections, lifting at the root for maximum volume.” – Ryan Richman

Color-Treated Locks:

“Every great style starts with a good shampoo and conditioner. I used ABBA Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner after coloring Emma’s hair. Since it’s a color protectant, it helps to really lock in color.” – Nikki Lee (Owner of Nine Zero One Salon and stylist to Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts and Lea Michelle)

So bb’s try investing some of the time you spend on your skin care routine into your hair regime. Like, who really wants hair that looks like it’s been chewed on by a possum?! I’ll wait…

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