Hanna Beth & Michele Maturo spill their summer style secrets

Wanna talk about bestie goals? The 2016 House of DVF winner Hanna Beth and travel, health, beauty and lifestyle blogger Michele Maturo are the ultimate dynamic duo.

Some people meet through mutual friends, in a workout class, at school, or on the internet. But in Michele Maturo & Hanna Beth’s case they were brought together because of, well… their ex-boyfriends. They immediately discovered they had so many common interests while still being so different.

Hanna Beth, for those of you who don’t know, is all about the glitz, glam, and the glitter when it comes to her self expression and style. While Michele also loves fashion, her vibe is a mix of comfort, beach, chic, and of course, a hint of sporty.

Over the next few months they’re sharing advice, spilling their secrets, and cluing us in to their favorite products. This week they got together and Hanna Beth insisted on getting them both ready and pushed Michele to glam it up! Let’s start with essentials and tips they think every girl should know (or need) before leaving the house during these summer nights…

The Hair

Hanna Beth: The one thing I have never been good at is styling my hair! I am seriously the WORST. If I try to curl my hair I always burn my hand… it’s brutal. For me, during the day I like to air dry my hair. My hair has natural waves, so most of the time it looks ok. If I feel like stepping it up at night I’ll straighten it or get a blowout and have someone else style it… ha! My go to products for my hair is the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil and the Unite 7Seconds leave in conditioner.

Michele Maturo: When it comes to my hair during the summer I feel like less is more. It’s way too hot to be putting heat to my hair! I ditch the blow dryer and curling iron, and opt for nice air dry and rock a bun during most of the day. When night time comes and I’m ready to head out, I remove the bun, fluff my hair, apply a little dry shampoo to my roots and oil to my ends, and the process gives me a really cool natural wave with no frizz.

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The Lips

Hanna Beth: I swear I do my lips the same color almost every day – nude! I try to be adventurous and throw on a dark red or something bright, but I always end up taking it off and going back to my staple lip. I love lip liners from MAC. My favorites are Stripdown, Whirl, and Nice n’ Spicy. My go to lipsticks are MAC as well: Fresh Brew and Hug Me. If I feel like doing a nude matte I’ll use Ludwig from Kat Von D beauty. My favorite gloss is the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in 257 – it looks good over everything! Last but not least, if my lips feel dehydrated and I want to do a natural vibe I use Lip Love by Kopari.

Michele Maturo: Not big on bold lip colors or heavy shadows during the summer. I prefer to use Bobbi Brown’s Nude lip liner with a simple gloss like the Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip gloss, or the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm because I feel like I look absolutely ridiculous wearing bright colors!

The ‘Fit

Hanna Beth: The easiest way to take a look from day to night is to switch up the accessories. I would add a light jacket – maybe a moto jacket or bomber – switch your shoes to heels, add some statement earrings, and definitely throw some glitter on!

Michele Maturo: You can’t go wrong with a big baggy t-shirt or a band t-shirt, ever. It’s effortless and the perfect piece that can be rocked from day to night. To bring the look into night, add some layers and heels and you’re good to go!

The Extras

Hanna Beth: My go to accessory is a good choker or a pair of earrings. I love a statement piece that just ties the whole outfit together.

Michele Maturo: This summer I’m super into belts! I feel like it can make even jeans and a t-shirt feel complete and can bring it all together and make it flow.

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The Shoez

Hanna Beth: It depends. If I am dressing up I have been living in my Gucci slide heels in black leather. They’re super comfy and go with everything. During the day I am either in a boot or a pair of slide sandals. Basically any shoe that Gucci makes is a staple for me… I seriously want them all!

Michele Maturo: I’m with Hanna on this one. During the day I just wear a pair of slides, but at night I’ve been obsessing over my heels from Raye and bought a pair in nude and black. I pretty much pair them with any outfit, shorts, dress, or even throw on a pair with jeans to dress up my look at night.

The Life Advice

Hanna Beth: Go on an adventure, try something new, get tan, and be happy! Life is too short to take anything too serious. Live in the moment and enjoy the now instead of worrying about what’s to follow. Take care of yourself. You attract the energy you put out, I always remember that when I get in a bad mood or feel like I’m being a bitch!

Michele Maturo: Whether you’re single or in a relationship always be sure to make time for your friends and your health. Summers are for making unforgettable memories, getting lost in the moment, nurturing your spirit and trying new things. We’re over halfway through the year… enjoy it! And don’t forget to take a ton of pictures along the way.

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Photographer: Martin Depict (@martin_depict)

Glam: Zachary Edward @zacharyedward

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