Guys Who Claim They ‘Don’t See Race’ Also Don’t Date Women of Color

If you follow any activist account on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some clueless white boy get dragged before.

Maybe he replied to a tweet about #blacklivesmatter saying “all lives matter” or perhaps he even went as far as to claim that he “doesn’t see race” and treats everyone equally. Either way, any woke person can agree that these types of white dudes are categorically The Worst.

Because while we are all striving to treat people equally, the idea of actually being blind to race is a myth. Everyone notices races, and people who pretend they don’t are being ignorant.

Until now, we’ve never been able to prove that those “blinded by the light” white boys are actually the most racist of us all. But thanks to a new study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, it’s been proven that men who claim to be “racially colorblind” are actually less likely to date women of color.

In the study, 124 college aged men, 50% of them white, were surveyed about their dating preferences and asked to rank the dating profiles of white and black women. While it was generally found that the men were attracted to women of their own race, “those who endorsed multiculturalism, or the idea that different cultures and races can co-exist (therefore acknowledging their existence to begin with) were more likely to be attracted to another race,” according to Teen Vogue.

On the other hand, the men who claimed that they “don’t see skin color” were less likely to be attracted to black women then their more realistically-minded counterparts. Weirdly enough, this phenomenon wasn’t only found in white boys, but also the black men who claimed not to see skin color. They were found to be less attracted to black women.

As if we needed another reason to stop pretended that there is no such thing as race, this study confirms that the whole “pretending we’re all the same color” method is bullshit. No matter what race you are (assuming that you’re into racial equality), this is a fair warning to avoid dudes with such an ignorant mindset.

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