If You Want a Selfie With Kylie, Bring Your Insane Grandpa

Getting a selfie with Kylie Jenner can be tough, so three young girls devised a full-proof strategy: bring their insane grandpa with them, make sure to have the camera’s undivided attention, and watch what happens next.

In this case, what happened next was a fight — and TMZ got its hands on the footage.

While Kylie was taking a selfie with the girls, their denim-overalled grandfather was standing by, trying to keep the paparazzi away from his granddaughters while simultaneously holding a cigarette in his mouth and shining a pocket flashlight at Kylie.

When one paparazzo started shoving the girls in an attempt to get a picture of Kylie, the insane grandpa shouted, “Don’t touch her,” and proceeded to wrassle the pap who came at him to the ground. 

Meanwhile, the insane grandpa’s son-in-law was standing nearby, holding a sleeping child over his shoulder, and making a half-ass attempt to resolve the situation. Mostly, though, he was just enjoying the show. 

To be honest, the whole family seems too weird to be real and has a serious “gunning for a reality show” vibe about them. 

Even in this short glimpse into their lives, they’ve already presented us with a cast of highly watchable and very confusing characters.

There are the three cute, but highly obsessive children with a distaste for authority figures and a knack for getting into trouble, the “eccentric” grandpa with a serious anger problem (not to mention a host of other serious problems limited to but not necessarily including drinking, drugs, or racism), and the dad who is “struggling” to hold the family together but mostly just sits around on his ass all day while his sleeping daughter remains comatose on his shoulder.

Would you watch that show? Probably? Maybe? Not at all? Yes, but only if there was nothing better on TV? 

Hopefully this is the last/only time you’ll ever be faced with answering this question, as we’ll most likely never hear from this thirsty family again, which is just fine with us. 

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again just for good measure: Kardashian-Jenner fans, you need to chill out already. Watch this video and learn a lesson about how crazy your extreme behavior looks to the outside world.

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