Kardashian-Jenner Fans: You Have Got to Chill!

When celebrities complain about the paparazzi, it usually makes us want to break out our tiny violin… I mean, half the time they’re calling the paps on themselves, right?

But this week, two videos obtained by TMZ proved that both fans and photogs of the Kardashian-Jenners reeeeeally need to chill.

First, we saw a video of Kim Kardashian and Lil Kim leaving a place that celebrities hang out at. People were talking about the fact that toward the end of the video, Kim gets bodyslammed by a photographer and ends up falling into the car. But the even weirder part was a fan who follows Kim almost the entire time, smiling and snapping selfies with the star.

I understand wanting to get a selfie with your favorite celebrity — but Kim looks straight up terrified throughout this entire video. If you’re someone’s fan, why would you stand there and smile next to them while they’re clearly in distress? Weird move, orange blonde girl. Real weird move that almost makes me doubt whether you have a soul.

Then, later in the week, Kylie Jenner caught flack for asking one of her fans not to touch her.

I mean, asking a stranger to keep their hands off you seems like a pretty reasonable request, even if she is a little girl and one of your fans. Kylie even tweeted about the incident later on:

Apropos of nothing, Kylie also tweeted this between tweets two and three:

So anyway Kardashian-Jenner fans, this is all I’m saying: chill out! If you happen across a Kardashian and/or a Jenner in public and they look really stressed out, don’t force them into a selfie by following three inches behind them. And no matter what, don’t GRAB them.

Just because their personal brands are rock solid doesn’t mean they aren’t people too. Now let’s all go home and sit back and think about our own brands.

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