Global Sensation Kemio Discusses Making It Big In America

Fashion influencer turned notable front row global superstar Kemio, is nothing short of building an empire. Kemio personifies Galore through his uncanny ability to thrive amongst his peers with his unique fashion sense and personability. From going viral on Vine in his high school days to becoming a front row standout at the most recent Men’s Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Kemio ended his whirlwind seamlessly attending Thom Browne in Paris then appearing front row at Marc Jacobs in New York City. To many this is a dream, but for Kemio, this has become his reality. 

Another reason why we LOVE Kemio is when he used his platform to advocate for raising awareness towards AAPI hate crimes during Summer 2021. This global-trendsetter will discuss how he has made it big in America and offer some tips for others who aspire to do the same. 

Here at Galore, we had the pleasure to sit down and speak with the eccentric global influencer and model who has attended every luxury designer front row imaginable such as Dior, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Coach to name a few. Kemio is nothing less than uniquely exceptional, from his 50% Japanese, 25% Persian, and 25% Italian roots to be precise. 


How did you get your start as a social media personality?

I’m an OG viner! haha I used to post a lot of videos on vine when I was in high school and my videos went viral on social media then I went to sign with an agency in Japan.

What do you love most about the U.S compared to Japan?

I think people here are selfish in a good way. A lot of people don’t really care about others and focus on their own lane, especially in New York. People are hustling, energetic and just minding their own business and it’s inspiring! Compared to Japan, Japan is very conservative. People always have an opinion on what you should be doing with your life so I feel pretty free when I’m in New York. 

What is something you recommend for anyone who is visiting Japan for the first time?

You should go check out Katsuya which is my favorite Katsu don chain restaurant in Japan. Also there’s my favorite thrift shop called NOILL! I always go there to thrift a lot of clothes there. 

What advice would you give other people aspiring to become integrated in the fashion scene?

I think the most important thing is being nice to everyone. Fashion industry seems really big from the outside but it’s actually really small so make sure to say hi to everyone in the room. Also sometimes it gets so overwhelming. It’s ok to take time to step back a little bit. Don’t be afraid to disappear. This is something that I’ve been working on right now. 

Favorite brand/designer at the moment? Why?

Diesel. I love the energy and power that Glenn Martens is bringing to the Diesel house. 

Name some of your must have travel essentials. 


Name one of the most memorable runway shows you’ve attended? Why?

Marc Jacobs Spring 2020. Marc Jacobs has been my biggest inspiration. That was my first time attending his show, so it was very special to me. 

You recently modeled in the Michael Kors collaboration campaign with ellesse alongside Emily Ratajkowski. Describe that experience?

It was the coolest experience ever! Also it was my first global campaign that I’ve ever done so it felt surreal.  Everyone was so chill on set but I got so shy the whole time. haha So I couldn’t really talk to anyone but a lot of people are so happy with how the campaign came out so that makes me happy. 

How was your experience walking in the Diesel Runway Show in Asia?

I still can’t get over the fact that I’ve walked the show for them, especially because I’m a huge fan of Glenn Martens creatively. It was an honor to be a part of the runway show. The last time that I walked in a runway show was back in 2019 for GCDS in Milan so it had been quite a while ago since, but I was so hyped the day and I still remember how damn good I felt when I was walking. I hope I can do more runway shows in the future. 


Talent: Kemio

Art Director: Molly McCloskey

Photographer: Gabriel Perez Silva

Photographer Assistant: Jay Sivayavirojna

Groomer: Sena Murakashi

Producer: Louie Diaz

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