Gigi showed us a new way to flaunt your love for bae

Gigi and Zayn are like that one annoying couple from high school that literally captions an entire MLA formatted essay about their undying love for each other on every single Instagram post. Like, guys we get it, you’re dating and you like each other a lot. But, unlike Becky and Brad from math class, Gigi and Zayn have all the money in the world to prove that they totally dig each other in ways that are far more advanced than social media. Like for example, branding your boyfriend’s name onto the butt cheek of your couture jeans. (Though, Zigi does enjoy the regular Snapchat selfie…)

Anyway, Gigi has decided to totally turn up the NYFW street style game by stepping out in a pair of custom made, flare jeans complete with Zayn’s name stamped in gold right on the rear end.  She then finished the look off with a white crop top and some fuzzy mules. (see photos here.) Cute af!

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We assume that this little stunt was the only compromise the couple could come too that still said “Omg I like love you so freaking much and I’m totally all yours” without using any permanent ink. Because you know, tattooing your significant other to your body went so well for Zayn the last time. (TBT to when he had to give his arm tat of Perrie a little switcharoo…) All the love guys!!

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