Gigi Hadid Is Now Exclusively Wearing Reebok to Punch People

Just last month, Gigi Hadid made the news for elbowing a guy in the face who was trying to attack her, but from now on Gigi’s exclusively going to be punching people for Reebok.

Yesterday Reebok announced that Gigi was the new face of their #PerfectNever campaign, which launched back in July with Ronda Rousey as the spokesperson.

#NEW: @gigihadid for @reebokwomen ‘s #neverperfect campaign 🌟 #gigihadid #giforce #rebokwoman

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Even though this is Gigi’s first-ever fitness contract, which seems surprising seeing as Gigi works out for three hours a day every day, she’s already a natural at sounding like she actually believes athleticwear isn’t just something you wear because you’re lazy.

“I think that right now fashion is super empowering because it’s so comfortable. I know that sounds weird, but there were times when you had corsets and fashion was really kind of stuck up,” Gigi told Refinery29. “Now it’s cool to be comfortable and be who you are. I think that people look the most beautiful when they feel the most comfortable.”

Here where we’ll have to agree to disagree, Gigi. I for one am most comfortable when I’m wearing baggy sweatpants, an oversized t-shirt and glasses. Let me assure you, it is NOT when I look the most beautiful.

Like I get what she’s saying, but wearing activewear doesn’t make you look like you’re being your natural self, it’s just a way to make the rest of the world think that you work out all the time instead of just wanting to be comfortable while you sit still in various locations all day.

Then again, maybe if we all looked like Gigi Hadid we’d also “look the most beautiful” when we didn’t have on any makeup and were wearing the clothes we just worked out in too.

Reebok really knew what they were doing when they picked her.

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