GG Magree is a DJ who gets just as hyped as the crowd

As I’m sure we don’t even need to tell you, being in the limelight as a woman can be complicated. Especially when you’re a DJ. Most people expect you to just stand in place and look cute, but DJ GG Magree doesn’t fuck with that. “I’m not here to look pretty,” she explained, “I’m here to make people dance.”

Nothing about GG Magree is quiet. Not her clothing line (it’s called Yeah Pussy), not her music, and definitely not her personality.

Be sure to catch her set at Hard Festival this year and check out her new single which comes out today, August 4th.

What first influenced you to get into DJing?

I used to throw parties when I was around 17-19 years old, and I would listen to the music and be like, “This could be amplified SO much.” People were loving it, but I feel like I had something different to offer. So, I started playing at a bar for $25 an hour, and I’d play for six hours, and I just got kind of good? Then I started playing parties, and the first party I played everyone was like, “WOW!” I just get it. I get the music that makes everyone dance. And if girls dance? Guys follow. That’s my fucking motto.

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If you could describe your music style in three ‘50 cent’ words they would be…




What’s the coolest venue you’ve ever played and why?

I just did Red Rocks in Colorado, and omg! That venue is fucking stunning. It was the first time I had ever played there, and I was singing my new single, which I had never played live before, and as I was about to perform it, it started fucking raining. Full on raining. And when I finished, it stopped raining, and I got a double rainbow.

What has been your biggest obstacle as a woman in the music industry?

I guess I play sort of, aggressive music, and I feel like with female DJ’s, guys only want to see them play if they’re beautiful. But what’s important is people coming to watch you because you’re an amazing performer. Not because of the way that we look, or how people perceive us, but because people actually want to come and enjoy your sets, and they like what you’re playing.

Who would you love to collab with and why?

A$AP Rocky. Cuz he’s the bomb. Or Tyler The Creator, because he’s just genius. He’s basically my idol, because I love the way he structures everything. He’s one of the most talented motherfuckers on this planet.

What is your ideal crowd for a gig?

Screaming, nuts, banging, mosh pitting, the whole deal. I’m not the most attractive when I play. I get dirty, I bruise myself, so I want the crowd to be doing the same.

What is your favorite song to blast in the car during the summer?

Oh god. I’m obsessed with obviously my own single [laughs]! But that “Unforgettable,” by Swae Lee.

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Do you ever feel like your style is expected to fit into specific boxes? If so, how do you push against that?

As a woman, you’re definitely expected to look a certain way, and perform a certain way, to stand and look pretty. But I’m not here to look pretty. I’m here to make people dance. I just want to wear shit that’s fun.

What middle school trend are you trying to bring back?

Dickie’s cargo pants.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done (on stage or off)?

When I get up there, I always black out, and I always fall over. I just eat shit.

hat is the hardest part about trying to fit into certain boxes (in music, style, whatever)?

I don’t fuck with any boxes. I just do what I want to do. I want people to see me for me.

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You have a fashion brand, “Yeah Pussy.” The brand’s Instagram says there’s going to be a big drop in August; what are some things that we can expect?

We’re doing sweatshirts, raincoats, embroidery, and really loud colors – bright oranges, bright reds. We’re trying to put a fun spin on streetwear. And the brand is so loud, you kind of have to be bold to wear something that says, “yeah pussy.”

Who would you love to see wearing “Yeah Pussy,” in the future?

Bad gal Riri.

Was there ever a time that you yourself struggled with who you are on social media? How did you get past it?

Oh yeah. I feel like it’s easy being a girl to look at girls and see the littlest of imperfections on yourself. You’re like, “Oh, I want that.” But I think you just have to find comfort in yourself, because you’re fucking amazing, and people will follow. And if people don’t like what you’re doing? They can fucking unfollow you. Don’t get caught up in that shit, don’t let it phase you. Never the negative.

What Snapchat filter do you use the most?

I always use the one with the fucked up mouth. And I like all the voice changers.

Have you ever accidentally liked an ex’s pic after unfollowing?

OH MY GOD. Of course! And then you just throw your phone. It’s just over.

What would your bio on Tinder be?

It’s sexy.

What is your cocktail of choice?

A Moscow mule.


Photos by Maya McHenry

Makeup by Haleigh Watson

Outfits from Andre Emery

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