Gigi Hadid wore a very disturbing 2000s teenage trend

There comes a time in every young lady’s life when she says, screw the woman I’ve become, I gotta get back to my roots.

And while there are lots of things about being a teenager that are pretty lit — you don’t have to pay bills, you still think your dreams are achievable, and all your friends aren’t too busy to hang out on the weekend — some things about being a teenager are pretty disturbing.

Especially when it comes to fashion.

And yesterday, Gigi Hadid wore one of the most disturbing teenage trends from the 2000s. The dreaded layered tank top look.

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Back in the 2000s, for some reason we were really obsessed with layering shirts. Especially when it came to covering up even an inch of cleavage.

Whether we thought the world wasn’t ready for our cleavage or we just knew our parents would flip a lid if we walked out of the house without a cami layered underneath our shirt, we all did it.

And in case you don’t understand what I’m talking about, allow the staff of Galore to demonstrate for you.

Here’s Ashley Uzer cheesing in front of a geriatric man in public.

And here’s Molly Mulshine with not one, but two containers of alcohol.

And now here’s Gigi and her layered tank tops.


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Granted Gigi looks a hell of a lot better than we did when we wore layered tank tops to school, but still, this isn’t a trend we endorse ANYBODY trying.

Yes, Gigi managed to pull it off, but she’s a supermodel with a stylist.

You will inevitably end up looking just as tragic as we did when we were teenagers.

Please leave the tank top layering to the professionals.

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