Get Zendaya’s Old Hollywood Glamour Look

The effortlessly beautiful Zendaya Coleman attended the 2016 Miss America Pageant and just happened to look STUNNING. Wearing a glittering silver gown with pastel pink nails and diamond jewelry, Zendaya outshone everyone with the perfect amount of voluminous curls, coiffed in a manner that resembled old Hollywood stars.

Zendaya Miss America Pageant 2016 abc old hollywood glamour galore mag get the look

Steal her old Hollywood glam hairstyle with these simple steps.

Zendaya 2016 miss america pageant galore mag get the look

1. Don’t wash your hair. Curls will fall right out of just washed hair, while hair with too much oil will just be weighed down. It sounds icky, but if you go at least one day without washing your hair before creating a style like this, it will hold more easily and for a longer period of time.

2. Separate hair into sections using a clip. Begin with the bottom layer, making your way to a top layer to ensure maximum volume. The amount and thickness of the layers varies depending on your hair type. For example, someone with thin hair will have less layers and less hair to curl than someone with thick hair who will have many layers and need much more time. The key is to take your time and not try to curl too much hair at once.

3. Curl hair outwards in small sections with a 1-inch curling iron. A 3/4 inch barrel is also suitable but, for this look, don’t use anything larger than a one inch barrel, otherwise you may end up with soft, loose waves instead of the voluminous curls that Zendaya is sporting.

4. Let curls cool after applying heat and do not touch the curled hair while it is still hot – this can cause them to lose their shape more easily. Once they have reached a normal temperature, use a lightweight hair spray to hold them in place.

5. Add extra volume with a teasing comb and, if it is not already, arrange hair into a side-part.

6. Using bobby pins, pull back the side of the part with the lesser amount of hair behind the ear and pin it. Spray all over and voilà!


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