What To Gift Your Man Based On His Horoscope Sign

Dudes are so hard to shop for. Especially when it’s a guy you’re dating, so it actually has to be something good instead of some generic-ass pair of socks.

Instead of asking your bae exactly what he wants and ruining any element of surprise, just look to the stars this year to find what gift hides in your boo’s deepest desires.


As a fire sign, the Aries dude loves BBQing, grilling, and pretty much any metal objects. If your dude is into grilling, an electric grill cleaner is a dope gift. It’ll save him time and energy, plus he’ll feel fancy af.


The Taurus bro loves settling in at home, and what better way to cozy him up than with a Snuggie? Pretty sure they make sports team version of this, so you could always go big with that too.


Geminis are the travel sign, so if  your man likes to travel you should get him a nice suitcase or duffel bag. This one offers a monogram, which will make it a bit more personal.


Lots of Cancer guys like to cook, but your man might not know he likes to cook because he’s never tried it. Maybe if you get him a bro-ey cookbook, like this one, he’ll start!



Taster’s Club, $69/month

Leo’s are all about luxury, so your Leo man would def appreciate a Taster’s Club membership. You can pick between whiskey, scotch, or bourbon, and he’ll also learn a lot about his favorite drink while getting turnt, thanks to the pamphlets that come alongside the booze.


Virgos are productive af and athletic, which is probably why you’re dating one. Give him an iPad so he can get more work done while he’s on the go.


Libra has good taste when it comes to his wardrobe, so pick him out a nice cologne to add to his swag. He’ll be down to wear whatever smell you like best.


Scorpio’s are the sexiest sign of the zodiac, so get your man something sexy to wear, like these super soft boxers from Naked. Maybe add a couple of toys that you can both use in there too.


Sag dudes are super outdoorsy, athletic, and down for adventures. Unsurprisingly, this means he’s prob DTC, a.k.a, down to camp. Get him a nice tent so that if he drags you along you don’t want to completely kill yourself.


Capricorn men are into status, so as long as you buy him something that’s nice quality and a good name brand, you should be golden.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of the future and governor of electricity. So basically, Aquarius’ like anything tech-y. A Beats speaker is perf for the soundtrack to his long showers or for his bro pre-games.


Pisces rules the feet, so by the transitive property, your man might be into tracking his steps. Get him a fit-bit. It’s sleek, it’s trendy, and maybe he’ll start getting more into fitness!

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