You Can Now ‘Shazam’ Cute Clothes On Instagram With This App

We’ve all experienced it before. That moment when you see your Instagram idol post a photo of her in a lit-ass outfit and a spark goes off in your head.

“I need to buy that [insert item here],” you think to yourself.

The only problem is, said Instagram girl didn’t tag the brand where she bought the item from. You could comment and try asking her, but considering she has 3,000 comments in 30 minutes, you doubt she’s going to get to it.

But what if you could screen shot the pic and immediately get all of the outfit details?

Well, come 2017, you might just be able to.

Geenee is a new app aiming to make Instagram easy af to shop.

The app, which launched yesterday, allows you to screenshot a post, then immediately see all the outfit details, providing links that you can shop immediately.

But if you follow lots of bloggers, you’ve probably already seen, the app that many of them use to link their outfit deets. So how is Geenee different?

Unlike, which emails you the outfit deets sometime after you like the post, Geenee allows you to access the info instantly, which you’ll know is crucial if you follow a big blogger who always makes items sell out after posting. Geenee also links to similar products through image recognition, even if the blogger chooses not to, which is crucial if you’re a broke bitch and can’t shop like your fave influencers.

Additionally, Geenee tags other things that may be of interest in a pic, such as the location, artwork, etc. You know, just in case you want to be like that blogger who traveled the world to copy the exact pics that another blogger posted.

Unfortunately, just like, Instagrammers need to be signed up with Geenee in order for their posts to work with the app. Because the app just launched, there is only a small-ish selection of accounts compatible with Geenee currently (@songofstyle, @weworewhat, @oliviaculpo, and @chiaraferragni, to name a few). But we definitely see this app being of use once more people get with the program, which the app expects will happen come January.

In the mean time, use your fashion sleuthing skills to cop those crazy see-through boots Kylie Jenner and Kim K have been rocking.

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