This Travel Instagram Beef Is Peak Millennial Problems

This is a story for the ages.

An Insta-famous blogger realized a less famous blogger was traveling around the world and recreating all of her content, and then called her out for being a creepy thief.

Meet Lauren Bullen, better known as Gypsea Lust.

Lauren is the kind of Insta-famous person you love to hate.

She spends her entire life traveling to beautiful places around the world and taking beautiful pictures with her beautiful boyfriend.

Take me some place wild 🌏✧

A photo posted by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

Somehow it came to her attention that a user named @diana_alexa, who has since made her page private, was going around the world recreating all of her pictures with painstaking accuracy. Check out these screenshotsElite Dailycaught.



And sometimes @diana_alexa even jacked Lauren’s EXACT caption.


It’s so weird, it seems almost fake or intentional — like, @diana_alexa was just waiting to get called out and increase her followers? Or @gypsea_lust asked her to do it so they could both end up getting covered by mainstream(-ish) media outlets?

Either way, Lauren decided she had no choice but to call her out in a now-deleted post on her blog titled “Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery.

“When a girl travels across the world recreating your exact imagery over and over again you begin to worry,” Lauren wrote. “At first I thought it was all photoshopped & had to take screen shots to compare the two. They honestly did an incredibly job copying our imagery, controversially insane mimics, so I congratulate them for this! But stealing someone’s art – that’s never okay.”

The Cut also reports she’s sworn it wasn’t a stunt.

So there you go.

Don’t copy the Insta-famous and think you’ll be able to get away with it.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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