Galore World Premiere: Deep Thrills ft. XKYLAR “First Date” Single

After years of touring and releasing music in the indie-dance outfit Paper Idol, LA-based artist Matan KG takes a bold step into electroclash as Deep Thrills

The debut track from Deep Thrills comes in the form of First Date,” a collaboration with LA-based electropop artist and visual designer XKYLAR (recently featured in Paper Magazine). The bloghaus-friendly dance track tells the story of a bad first date in dialogue fashion, with each character telling their side of the story.

The track was inspired by real events: “I was going on a lot of first dates at the time,” says Matan. “dating in LA can be really fun but also really strange – I feel like a lot of people will relate to the lyrics of the song.” 

With “First Date” as a thrilling introduction, Deep Thrills emerges as a compelling sound in the electro landscape, poised to captivate audiences with his bold creativity and authenticity.


How was collaborating with Xyklar for this track? How did you originally meet?

I throw a party called Lip Service in LA, and XKYLAR and I had a lot of mutual friends. I asked her to DJ one of the nights and we had a great time! I had been working on the concept for “First Date” but wasn’t sure where to go with it… then XKYLAR showed me her music. The next time I saw her, I said “I have a song that’s perfect for you.” She came to my studio and we knocked out the rest of the lyrics and recorded her parts. 

Do you foresee any live performances with Xyklar in the future? 

XKYLAR just joined me for the first Deep Thrills show in LA at El Cid, and we’ll definitely do more together! 

First Date” focuses on a lot of cynicism about current casual dating culture. Is this a cynicism or exhaustion you really feel? Was there  a date in particular that inspired the creation of this song?

One time, I was with a girl on a first date, and a guy came up to me and tried to steal my shoes. After some physical threats – and me emphasizing that he already had nice shoes on – he left us alone. The girl was pretty much unfazed by the whole thing. That’s my favorite date story. But yeah, the lyrics are based on true events, but not one in particular. It’s really a highlight reel from all the dates I’ve been on in LA. Dating in LA can be exhausting in that you meet so many people, but everyone is kind of on their own wavelength. Prospects come and go quickly here and everyone is super focused on their own careers. At the same time, you meet a lot of interesting people. 

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