Galore Darlings: Designers of AKV Premier New Video Exclusively With Us

We’re so excited to premiering designers Anna Karpman and Ana Marcela Villa of upcoming clothing label AKV new video for their current collection, which features an array of talented, strong beautiful women. Check out what they had to say about it below!


Tell us about this video:
GRLZ of AKV is a video that personifies and showcases our line, AKV, which stands for our initials – Anna Karpman and Ana Marcela (Marci) Villa. We both wanted to collaborate on a fun project so AKV, a line of sculptural thotluxe leather bustiers, was born in the fall/winter of 2013. Our pieces have been worn by Jungle Pussy and Brooke Candy in their videos.

Who does it feature?
Jungle Pussy, Dai Burger, KayRizz, Mi$fit Marti, Ewok Gia and Danii Phae.

Tell us about you the designers, what’s your background?
We worked with Cyle Suesz, a pro videographer/photographer and all around wonderful and talented individual, to create this video. His project, CLASS NYC, showcases up and coming NYC talent.

AK: We started this project, AKV, because Marci and I both share the same sense of humor about fashion and wanted to create something conceptual and of luxe quality. I am very inspired by movements in cyber culture and feminism, specifically work that empowers women through sex-positive messages; I tap into that motivation from postmodernism and the current wave of yet-to-be-named feminism through my work as a fashion artist. Currently, I’m at Parsons studying integrated fashion design and interning at Hood By Air. WEPA.


AMV: I am a self-taught designer and have worked in fashion and production for a few years; like Anna I see myself as a fashion artist and like working on various types of projects.

What were your aims with this video?
We wanted to curate an iconic group of women who dominate and trendset in NYC’s underground nightlife, specifically the music and fashion scenes, and to showcase our collection.

How important do you think it is to feature women of color as the subjects?
That’s a good question because while it is very important for fashion to represent all women, we didn’t consciously try to only feature women of color. Since we are both immigrants who moved to the states at a young age, hailing from Colombia and Russia, we have a natural inclination towards others who have diverse backgrounds as well. We chose the girls because of their personalities, energy, talent, beauty, and style, they all just happen to all be of color.

How long did it take to create?
The line itself we made in about 2 weeks while we were both busy with full-time work and school schedules; we were very fortunate to be selected and debuted at the Nicopanda holiday pop up shop immediately after. This spring, after weeks of coordinating our dream team, GRLZ of AKV was shot in a day and edited in a few weeks.

Can we expect more?
YES. We have some custom design projects in the works including a dream project for one of our favorite performers, which is what we live for.

Whats coming up next?
Taking it up a couple of notches with the next collection.

AKV is exclusively available at Patricia Fields Boutique and


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