Galore Darling: Mina Doll On Being At One With Her Mermaid Vibes

We love it when our ladies are clearly inspired by otherness and are determined to create something unusual and different. Mina Doll does just that, check out this young artists interview with us below!

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How would you describe what you do?
I’m obsessed with making art. I have always been enveloped in the arts whether it was photography, modeling, acrobatics, fashion, it didn’t matter; I explored every medium I could and I could never settle myself on one thing and I guess I felt like I shouldn’t have to. Lately I’ve been devoting a lot of my time to modeling and working on fashion designs and styling. I want to bring something different to the modeling industry, do things that I can see other people aren’t doing. If you look at me, it’s obvious I’m not your usual editorial/commercial girl, but my style, attitude, and unconventional aesthetic has landed me a lot of amazing opportunities with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Love Magazine, Dollskill, and Acclaim Mag just to name a few. I also run a photo blog via my Instagram @theminadoll where I’ve built a pretty big social media following. When I’m not shooting I’m working as the creative director and PR rep for a clothing company called WhoCaresNY. On the side I work on designs and pieces that I’m hoping to eventually release as a collection with a focus on denim, leather, bondage harnesses, and mesh work. I’m actually wearing one of my harnesses in my Galore

Galore Magazine: The Mina Doll by VONGSAWAT from Chris Vongsawat on Vimeo.

How long have you been a blogger for?
I started my blogging a few years back but never really got serious until about 2 years ago.

Where can we find your blog?
You can find my photoblog on Instagram. I’m currently working on a website where I’ll have a blog, all my shoots and films, some advice/how-to content, and lots more!

How long have you had blue?
Ha! I was actually born this way. At least on the inside. But seriously, I change my hair color more than I change my clothes, however, once I went blue at the beginning of the year I fell in love with my mermaid vibes and decided to keep it.

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What are some tips for dyeing your hair?
I think the best tip I can give for dyeing your hair is to have fun with it! Don’t just throw some blue dye on your hair and go. Get creative with it, play with tones and shades. I personally mix about 10 different shades of the color I want in my hair to give it depth and make it look more natural because no one wants to look like they just left the house in a cheap Katy Perry wig.

Whats been a career highlight?
Well recently I shot with Mario Sorrenti for the latest issue of Love Magazine! I met Katie Grand while I was in the final round of casting for a Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign and she had me come in to shoot with Mario! It was an incredible experience.

Whats coming up next?
F*** if I know. So far it’s been one big and crazy ride. Just keep moving, meeting cool people, and making shit happen.

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