Galore Darling: Kandy Jo Is The Fresh Face To Watch

Finishing up her senior year of college, Kandy Jo and has already appeared in Playboy. Check out how her life has turned into a whole new adventure since!


Photography by Steven Baille

How was it shooting playboy?
Playboy was a lot of fun, it came as a big surprise because I wasn’t trying to be a model at the time I was recruited. So far it’s given me amazing opportunities to travel and meet great people,

How was Hugh Heffner?
I’ve actually never met Hugh. The one time I went by the Mansion was when my issue came out to pick up a copy and I couldn’t see him because they were filming something. But I’m hoping for an invite to one of these Halloween parties!

What 5 things make you cringe?
Seeing people eat octopus, googling ‘things that make you cringe’, your dried up beta fish that jumped out of its tank, the idea of having to re-break your broken nose to fix it, sick people on planes.

What will you be for halloween this year?
Not a clue right now, I guess it depends on where I’ll be. I’d really love to just be 2013 Rihanna in that Adidas Original X Opening Ceremony jumpsuit cuz that was sexy as hell.


What song are you in love with?
I am mad obsessed with everything HUCCI, especially ‘Hitta’.

What are your hobbies?
Hiking, eating really good food and music concerts/festivals

Any special talents?
I have hips like shakira, tap dancing feet, and I am a pretty darn good cook.

You are a model slash what?
I am a Senior at at Oregon State University, a Radio DJ for KBVR FM, and a Manager for my friends company ILLGANDER

4 things guys do that make you smile:
Being on time, supporting and understanding my crazy life choices, making me breakfast, and loving the same music as I do”

Favorite halloween candy:


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