Galore Crush: Until the Ribbon Breaks’ Debut Album Will Make You Want to Date Them

Until The Ribbon Breaks released their infectious debut album ‘A Lesson Unlearnt’ and we have it on replay. The band consists of Pete- lead singer and chief songwriter, Elliott- drummer, and James- synth. We were lucky enough to chat with the guys right before they head out on their sold out tour with London Grammer. Be sure to definitely catch them at Coachella this year. Read below to see what really makes these guys feel buzzed.

Galore_Mag - Until The Ribbon Breaks - Angelo Kritikos

Photos & Interview by Angelo Kritikos

When do you feel most creatively fulfilled? Is it during the writing process, in the studio, playing a show, making visuals?
Pete: For me its definitely writing words. Writing the lyrics is my creative fulfillment.
James: I think I rarely feel creatively fulfilled. When we’ve had a really good show, is probably the most. It feels like there’s always more. You can always keep mixing a track, keep producing a track forever. It’s really nice to finish stuff, and to have the album we’re putting out feels so good, but there’s an element of my personality that always thinks we could have made that slightly differently.
Elliot: I want to say two. The first one is definitely live. When I come off stage from a really good show, I get this buzz like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. The second one is if we’re rehearsing and someone starts playing something, then we all start jamming away, and going off nothing. There’s no limit.

Galore_Mag - Until The Ribbon Breaks - Angelo Kritikos

When is your favorite song from the album to play live?
Elliot: Mine changes a lot. Like for example, usual for me it’s “Romeo” but last night it was “Revolution Indifference.”
Pete: Yeah, me too.
James: I’m going to throw a curveball and say one of my favorite songs we just started playing is a cover we did that isn’t on the album called “One Way Or Another.”
Pete: I think it also depends on the show, and depends on the crowd. If you can feel the reaction, and you can sense it, it feeds into us.

Galore_Mag - Until The Ribbon Breaks - Angelo Kritikos

What are your three tour must haves for on the road?
James: My first one would have to be a really good pair of headphones for the bus. A good workout regime to keep fit, and good wifi.
Pete: My main one is to have a good project to do. A remix we have to finish, or a song we have to work on. It keeps me from going out every night. It’s a focus for those long drives. Another one is I always take a book, which I never read. But just having it in the bag, makes me feel that I could go zone into that. It’s a comfort thing. I always intend to read it but never do. The third one is a Thomas Newman playlist that I keep on my iphone specifically for travel because it helps me sleep.
Elliot: Ok sweatpants. I know that’s boring but definitely comfy clothes. My second one would be money saved to get a tattoo. Also my practice pad and my sticks.

Galore_Mag - Until The Ribbon Breaks - Angelo Kritikos

01/21 – Sound Academy – Toronto, Canada*
01/23 – Olympia – Montreal, Canada*
01/24 – State Theatre – Portland, ME*
01/26 – House of Blues – Boston, MA*
01/27 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY*
01/28 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY+
01/29 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC*
01/30 – Electric Factory – Philadelphia, PA*
02/02 – Schubas – Chicago, IL+
02/03 – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN*
02/06 – Roseland Theatre – Portland, OR*
02/07 – The Fox Theatre – Oakland, CA*
04/11 – Coachella Festival – Indio, CA
04/18 – Coachella Festival – Indio, CA
*supporting London Grammar

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