I Tried a Glitter Body Scrub That Has a 50,000 Person Wait List

Hold onto your holographic hats guys, because there’s a new shimmer scrub in town that people are lining up by the tens of thousands to get their hands on.

Today, cult Australian beauty brand Frank Body is releasing its first ever shimmer scrub and it’s already got a 50,000 person waiting list.

And boy do the pictures make it look glittery.

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Made up of tiny gold and silver particles, salt, sugar, ground coffee beans, grapeseed oil and vitamin e, Frank Body’s Shimmer Scrub does it all: exfoliates, moisturizes, gives you just a hint of sun goddess shine, and it’ll make all your beauty-obsessed followers on Instagram hella jelly.

Plus it comes in a cute little holographic package because as the founders of Frank Body said in an interview with news.com.au, “who doesn’t love shiny things?”

TBH I was still a little nervous to try it because looking like a walking disco ball isn’t a part of my brand, but as soon as I found out how many people were DYING to try it, suddenly I wanted to try it too.

Funny how that works, huh?

So I hopped in the shower, struggled to open the bag with my holographic press-on claws, and got to rubbing.

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Right off the bat, I was a little confused.

Using the product was a bit of a mindfuck because the scrub itself looks like sand but smells like coffee.

Honestly, I still can’t get over that.


Thankfully, though, it left behind way less glitter than I’d anticipated on my skin, so I looked less like a Twilight vampire that was having its day in the sun and more like I’d just put on a bronzer with a little shimmer to it.

Maybe if I heaped on the scrub I would have looked a little more ready to hit the gay bar circuit, but I’m not upset about the result.

Plus it didn’t irritate my skin at all, which happens all the time with me and exfoliants because I got my mama’s delicate doll-like skin.

The one main negative thing I have to say is that using the product gave me flashbacks to when I used to work in a coffee shop and perpetually smelled like freshly ground legal adult crack cocaine.

But that’s my own issue.

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Would I use it again?

Totally. It worked, didn’t make me look like I dipped myself in oil and rolled around in glitter, and I know there’s a 50,000 person wait list, which makes me feel luxe as fuck for having it in the first place.

Would I recommend you get on the 50,000 person wait list?

Honestly, it depends.

You could buy any old coffee scrub and a bronzer and have your skin pretty much get the same result, but if you do buy it you won’t feel ripped off, so if you want it, go for it, babe.

Life’s too short to deny yourself the shinier things in life.

Get on the waiting list here.

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