Flo Milli Releases Her Debut Album “You Still Here, Ho?”

Tamia Monique Carter, better known by her Pop Rap artist name Flo Milli received vast attention from the public eyes after her songs “Beef FloMix” and “In The Party”, went viral on TikTok. Continuing to take the internet by storm, Flo Milli released her debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here? in 2020.

The Alabama artist has built a lot suspense concerning the release of her debut album You Still Here, Ho?which was set to drop July 22nd. Instead, on July 19th, she tweeted, “F*ck Friday.. might just drop my album @ midnight.” Flo Milli released her debut album two days in advance, and of course the Flomilitary was ready to receive the words from their lyrical genius. She is all the rage here at Galore. We had the pleasure to interview Flo Milli on the evolution of her artistic process, her influences, the circumstances she had to overcome as an artist and more! But let me ask you something; You Still Here, Ho? Go listen to the album!

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Interview by Yael Torres @torrescirca

1. How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with Flo Milli just

How I would describe my sound to someone who isn’t familiar with me just yet would be Pop Rap. I would describe it as uplifting, happy, fun music with a twist of southern hip hop added.

2. “Beef FloMix” took the internet by storm on Instagram and other popular platforms back in 2019. How has your artistic process changed from then until now?

My artistic process has changed fluidly from when I dropped ‘Beef FloMix’ in 2019 until now as far as me expressing how I feel more in my music. I feel that I’m more in tune with who I am as a person so I feel that’s reflecting in my new music versus when I was just starting. It’s just an elevation of music that I’ve already put out. I’ve learned a lot over these 2 years and what I’ve learned has changed my style in great ways.

3.  When you first emerged onto the scene, were there any mentors or inspirations that helped you navigate your journey into the industry?

I didn’t have any mentors when I first emerged onto the scene but traveling was a big inspiration factor for me. Being able to go to different places and experiencing new foods, countries, and cultures helped with my creativity.

4. Having to push through the pandemic at the breakthrough of your career, do you feel like the circumstances were tough to navigate? What were you able to map out or accomplish?

I do feel that the circumstances were tough when I had to push through the pandemic at the beginning of my breakthrough. It was harder to do things being that everything was closed down and no money was being made because people weren’t able to buy any products. It was an extremely tough time but it also allowed me time to grow as an artist and learn new things about myself.

5. Your upbringing must have had an influence on how you develop your work. Being the first female rapper from Alabama, can you describe how your sound and culture sets the tone for other emerging artists? 

My sound and culture sets the tone by showing the world that you can be different and be yourself. You don’t have to put yourself in a box based on where you’re from. I believe that I showed people that no matter where I’m from, I can build myself up to become whatever I want to be.

6.  As one of the youngest names in hip hop, how do you keep yourself grounded and continue trusting your vision when it comes to your artistry?

I keep myself grounded and trust my vision by allowing myself to flow. I allow myself to go through the things that I go through as a human being as well as an artist and I express that. I also stay true to who I want to be.  I always set goals for myself and strive to reach them. I think the best way to stay grounded is to build a habit of setting goals and reaching them. 

7. Your debut mixtape, “Ho, Why Is You Here?” was a commercial success without any features. Was that intentional? Will you be sharing tracks with anyone on your next full-length release?

Having no features on my debut mixtape, ‘Ho, Why Is You Here?’ was intentional but it wasn’t at the same time. It wasn’t until the mixtape was done that I realized I didn’t have any features on it because I honestly was not thinking about that. My goal was to show the world my talent because it was the first full piece of art that I put out so I was more focused on that. This next project will have a few features but not too many. It will be a sequel to what I first put out so it’s allowing people to see different sides of Flo Milli.

8. Everyone is waiting for your highly anticipated sophomore album. What can listeners expect? What are you introducing musically and what are you revisiting?

With my new project, I’m introducing a new profound version of Flo Milli. Listeners can expect a little bit of what they got in the last mixtape but a different version. I tried new things and experimented with myself with this album. It’s not going to be one aspect of Flo Milli but different styles and elements combined.

9.  What’s been the most important takeaway from the making of your next project? How did you steer through the process?

The most important takeaway from the making of my next project has been patience. I had to be patient with myself and experience life to have something to talk about. It’s so common for artists nowadays to feel rushed and pressured by their peers and fans pressuring them to put out music. What I learned is moving at my own pace as an artist and allowing myself to be me and experiencing life to be able to be the artist that I’m destined to be.

10. What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is the unexpected. I would tell everyone to expect the unexpected, I will be doing big things from this point forward. People can expect to see me acting more, collaborating with bigger artists, and of course doing things to help me and the Flomilitary connect more.

Click here to stream You Still Here, Ho?


Interview – Yael Torres @torrescirca

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