How to fix your sunglasses when they get loose

There’s nothing worse than when your go-to pair of sunnies starts getting loose on you.

Suddenly you find them falling off your face when you tilt your head down to check your phone, or sliding around when you’re wearing them on your head and briskly walking through the subway station.

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Unfortunately, they’re not going to magically tighten up, but there is something you can do about it.

The founder of sunglass brand Privé Revaux, David Schottenstein, explained that you’ll probably deal with loose screws in any pair of sunglasses you wear often.

“Screws in your sunglasses are a moving part just like any other object, and need to be monitored to keep your glasses from getting loose,” he explained to Galore. “Screws becoming loose is completely natural and no matter what pair you buy, it’s going to happen.”

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So what can you do? David says you can buy a tiny glasses repair kit – which you can get at your local drugstore, or on Amazon for just $7 – and simply tighten the tiny screws with the tiny screwdriver in the kit.

Another way to prevent your sunnies from getting loose is to stop wearing them on your head, since it stretches the hinges beyond their “natural angle.”

Maybe try clipping your glasses onto your neckline instead? Or throwing them in your bag? Or, you can just wear them on your head with the knowledge that you’ll have to buy a glasses repair kit soon enough.

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