Please Don’t Tweet at Nick Jonas That You Want to ‘F*ck His Insulin Pump’

Nick Jonas made a new enemy today, who later turned into a friend. And it all started with an X-rated joke about the diabetic heartthrob’s insulin pump.

Just after midnight, a fan tweeted this:

That’s a pretty standard midnight booty tweet if you ask us. But then something truly shocking happened: Nick took a break from hopefully dating Kate Hudson to respond!

He added a sick burn, too.

Ouch. But then, the true plot twist occurred: apparently @ramenfuneral is diabetic, too!

Nick responded to say they should be friends.

What a happy ending. We have our doubts, though. Apparently, this Twitter user is a habitual celeb-tweeter who will say whatever it takes to get a response.

So the trick to getting Nick Jonas to respond to you is medical trolling, I guess. Who knows if @ramenfuneral is actually diabetic or not? Either way, his mentions are now full of Nick Jonas fans feeling really sad about his original joke.

K. @ramenfuneral still has one more question though: what has Nick done with all his Pepsi commercial royalty checks?

The world will never know.

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