Are Kate Hudson And Nick Jonas Hooking Up?

Holy hotness Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas may be hooking up. Holy age difference too—she’s 36 and he’s 23. But hey, they’re both adults, they’re both consenting; their fling, although conventional, may actually be setting an example that not all relationships need to follow a set of rules.

According to E!, the two were seen spending quite a lot of time together this past weekend in Florida, where Nick was performing for his World Tour. Not only did she attend his concert, which was the second one she went to this month, but they were also seen being all cute together on a roller coaster at Disney World earlier in the day, says SeattlePi. Now roller coasters and concerts may just be the stuff of friends, but brunch at Soho Beach House, and on a Sunday no less is pretty evident of a ‘more than friends’ situation.

It seems sources at TMZ would agree, saying that they’re not dating but have definitely hooked up. The internet is exploding over it, and why not. Who wouldn’t want to know more about two annoyingly beautiful, not to mention talented humans getting it on. Looks like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may have some competition for most jealous-inducing couple.

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