Facebook Messenger has new Halloween masks to hide your hangover

One of the worst things about technology is the expectation that you should be video chat-ready at all times. Video-chatting can be great and all, but when you’re hungover or makeup-free, sometimes you just don’t want to show your real face to the world.

And whether it’s your mom or your bae trying to have a video convo with you, sometimes they won’t take “I look too fug right now” for an answer.

Facebook Messenger has been our solution to this issue for a while. They have pretty filters you can literally keep on during an entire conversation. And starting this week, they have Halloween masks so you can scare people in a fun way instead of a sad way!

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You can see some of them below.


To use the feature, just download the latest version of Messenger on the App Store and start a one-on-one or group conversation. Tap the video icon in the top right corner, then tap the star, and all the Halloween stuff shows up!

Just think of us this weekend when you’re dying in bed wearing a green and purple troll mask to vid-chat with bae.

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