Nasty Gal’s 50% off sale is about to save your Halloween

Halloweekend is like four days away, in case you didn’t know, so you’re probably freaking out about where your costume is going to come from — especially if you’re diehard enough to wear a different outfit every night.

You could go to one of those gross strip mall pop-up Halloween stores and drop $40 on a flammable plastic piece of crap Wonder Woman costume. Or you could go to Nasty Gal and take advantage of their express shipping and 50% off everything to get yourself a lit af costume at the last minute.

Nasty Gal has assembled all of its Halloweeny stuff on this page. The clothes and accessories start at $10 and there are plenty of possibilities for costumes.

You could be a goth bunny. You could be a princess who’s too cool for Disney. Or you could be a Barbarella-esque space hottie with silver thigh-high boots.

Nasty Gal has wigs with green curtain bangs and matching green face jewels. For the truly lazy, cop a 1% Battery tee and go as a dying phone. There are so many frickin possibilities!

Shop the Halloween sale here and thank us later.

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