Expired Makeup Could Give You Some Unfortunate Health Problems

Here’s a good excuse to buy new makeup; your old makeup is likely to get you sick or cause you to break out.

A recent study conducted by London Metropolitan University scientists tested various expired makeup products and found that they contain a lot of really gross bacteria. Specifically, old cosmetics are likely to contain “ubacterium, which causes bacterial vaginosis, aeromonas, one of the causes of gastroenteritis and wound infections, and propionibacterium, one of the main causes for acne and other skin conditions,” MarieClaire reported.

The bacteria in your old mascara could likely cause pink eye, and expired face makeup like concealer and foundation could potentially cause facial rashes and blisters, another story on News12 mentioned.

Here’s the baseline standard of timelines you should expect for your cosmetic products:

Mascara: 3 months
Liquid eyeliner: 3 months
Pencil or Kohl eyeliner: 12 months
Cream blush and multiple sticks: 12 months
Liquid Foundation/Concealer:  12 – 18 months (a water-based foundation will last up to 12 months, while oil-based will last slightly longer – 18 months – due to its natural preservative system)
Lipstick: 12 – 18 months
Powders (blush, bronzer, foundation):  24 months
Eyeshadow: 24 months
Nail polish: 24 months
Fragrance:  3 – 5 years

Anything past that is probably nasty. Throw it out.

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