Exclusive Online Editorial: How to Fall in Love in Peru

Photographer Alexander Neumann photographed these hotties: Alexia Jeri & Bryan de Souza, on his travels to Peru so we found out all about it from these too lovelies. They tell us what they love most about Peru and convince us why we should all go there. Check out the interview and editorial below!

Creative direction: Oliver Glass

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Alexia Jeri
Where you based?
I live in Peru.

City or beach?
I’m a beach girl, its one of my favorite places.

What are you up to in Peru?
I started started making photos since i was like 4 yrs, but when I turned 13 years I started surfing with my brothers. When I turned 15 I was part of the Peruvian surfing team and been in there for 5 years. Started traveling with the team and my brother martin around the world and it has been one of the most important parts of my life. Traveling to beautiful places, doing what you love and learning so much. But there’s nothing like home waves here, they are amazing. I love to surf in Punta Hermosa and the north of Peru. In 2010 I competed in the US Open of Surfing, now I’m studyng fashion desing and doing some modeling. It’s a great mix!

6 Beaches you love:
1. Caballeros, en Punta Hermosa
2. Kontiki, Punta Hermosa
3. El Silencio
4. San Bartolo
5. Cerro Azul
6. Organos, en El Norte Del Peru

Brian de Souza
8 things you like about Lima, Peru

La Red Del Pescador
I will start with this little food spot inside in the Eden market, “La Red Del Pescador” you actually have to wait more than 45 minutes on your feet since lots of people go there. It’s worth the wait though.

Barranco district
I see it as a mix of modern and super old parts of the city. People from all around the world walk around the plaza. So many bars, restaurants, pubs, beautiful houses etc. Good for a walk along an amazing sunset.

San Bartolo
It’s not the peoples favorite beach but, my Dad used to take me there when I was young so I find it kinda special.

Kennedy’s Park
Is a huge point for meeting and partying. Lots of cats walk around and there’s some shows in the middle of the park.

El Sargento
There is nothing more sexy than a girl who can dance. This is a good place with great live music and super cute girls.

The Jazz Zone
This has live stand up comedy and bands on a secret street in Miraflores district.

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