Everyone’s Editing Their Ex-BFF’s Out Of Their Pics For Attention

Social media has always been and will always be petty.

From downgrading your BFF in your Top 8 to subtweeting something that’s clearly directed at one person, the internet is a playground for anyone who’s bitchy and likes to hide behind their computer screen.

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Now, thanks to editing apps like Facetune that makes everyone a Photoshop pro, there’s a new way to be petty.

People are legit taking time to edit their ex-BFF’s (or just their exes) out of their photos. Elite Daily pointed this out when they spotted Twitter user @CaballeroSerena’s post where she edited out an ex-friend with no shame.

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Yes, this edit job is shitty, but that’s not really the point. In fact, the whole point seems to be that she wants that other girl to know she doesn’t fuck with her anymore. In fact, she ended up getting a ton of attention on Twitter – and coverage on platforms like ours – because of her post.

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Other users who went a similar route didn’t give a fuck about the pic quality, and seemed to just want their enemy to know they were getting cropped.

I mean, really, a bitmoji? And you’re telling me you didn’t have any other photos of you at prom without the person you hate now?

Like every other social media trend, this isn’t about showing off your editing skills or “saving” a good pic that was ruined, it’s about showing that you’re pissed off in a passive-aggressive way.

Even the people who did have better edit skills felt the need to highlight that they altered the pic, like this Twitter user.

If you’ve fallen victim to an ex-friend editing your hot ass out of their pic, don’t get mad or get even, just giggle to yourself. Because after all, they’re clearly still mad at you and in search for attention about the whole thing, or they just couldn’t handle being next to your sexiness.


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